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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Yes. Nose bleeds are the most common. Ear bleeds are when she focuses more on her powers. If she overexerts her abilities, she could wind up incapacitated or in a comatose or worse. Edit

  • It is possible for Hopper to return. When the Duffers were writing Season 3, they wanted to give Hopper a Han Solo sacrifice moment. The two brothers could be referring to Empire Strikes Back, which the season was heavily inspired by. Since Han Solo is just taken prisoner in that movie, it could be the same for Hopper. Edit

  • When the Russians reopen the gate in Season 3, The Mind Flayer is able to connect to a piece of him that laid dormant in Brimborn Steelworks. The piece of him that remained in Hawkins go after the townsfolk by flaying (possessing) them. He then makes them eat toxic chemicals so they explode and turn into human biomass. The biomass then comes together to form of proxy version of the Mind Flayer. Edit

  • While it's not known for sure, it can be speculated Eleven is transported to another dimension as she destroys the demogorgon. We know the Demogorgon retreats to the Upside Down when it is injured, but still don't know what happens to the Demogorgon when it dies, perhaps another dimension. Hopper is also seen placing eggo waffles in a box in the woods, which also seems to signify that he knows she's still alive, or at the very least hopes for her survival. Edit

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