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Sex & Nudity

  • none

Violence & Gore

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops is a military first-person-shooter, and the average level of violence in multiplayer and campaign slightly greater than most first person shooters. While there is no explicit gore in multiplayer (just blood), the level of violence in the campaign can get quite strong and graphic. The zombies mode even more so, with an extreme amount of bloody violence and gore. However, all blood and gore can be deactivated in the options menu. You are also warned about this when the game starts.
  • Campaign:
  • Whenever an enemy is shot with a standard weapon, be it an Assault Rifle, SMG or Pistol, a decent amount of blood will gush from their wounds and frequently stain the environment.
  • The player has the ability to knife enemies. Blood will gush out of them in a long stream.
  • If enemies are shot with a crossbow, arrows are seen where you shot them.
  • Also if people are shot, and bloody wounds will be left on the person. If the dead bodies are shot at multiple wounds will appear and blood will continue to stain the environment and gush out.
  • People can also be killed with flametrowhers and other "burning weapons" Some will be seen with charred skin while they scream in pain
  • More powerful weapons such as Shotguns, Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, or Explosives can easily blow the arms and legs clean off of enemies, leaving them holding a gory stump before slowly dying. This is very gory and graphic. One mission in particular involves shooting enemies with a revolver. This damage the revolver does is insane, with graphic amounts of flesh and body parts flying off enemies, complete with blood splattering and images of gory stumps while the enemies yell in pain before dying. Easily the most graphic bits of the game. Would be a score of 8.5 if it were not for this.
  • Later on in this level, the player sneaks up behind an enemy and stabs a curved knife into the back of his spine. It is not too graphic, but it is brutal and the crunching sounds are disturbing.
  • On two ocassions the game goes into bullet time and you graphically see the bullet enter the head with a lot of blood and and some brain splatter.
  • These are just the major scenes in Call of Duty: Black Ops, as there are numerous other violent sequences throughout.
  • Zombies:
  • The Zombies mode is the most graphic part of the game. All the maps got blood smeared and splattered everywhere, and the zombies (WW2 themed) can be graphicly shot. More than twice as much blood as in Campaing will gush out on impact. Bloody wounds are left on zombies, and if they are stabbed, a long stream of blood will splatter. If they are shot on their feets and arms, they will go off, just like in Campaign. If both their legs are shot of, The will drag them self across the floor. Also, if they are shot in the head (with any other weapon than handgun) it will blow off with big chuncks of gore splattering. If you are in a high level, They will continue walk. If they are shot in the stomach region, The side of their torsos will be blown away with guts hanging out. If they are killed by explosives, their limbs, head and pieces of torso will be ripped away. A mangled piece of a charred torso is seen.
  • However, if you turn of graphic content only smoke will burst out of them. Leaving no wounds and dissemberments.
  • Multiplayer:
  • Multiplayer mode is the least graphic part of the game. When an enemy is shot, blood is seen gushing out from his body. Blood will stain the environment. The bloodstains usualy goes away whery quickly. Just like Campaing and Zombies, bloody wounds will be left on peoples. Altrough no limbs can be shot of.
  • You are able to turn off graphic content in the options menu. This substantially tones down the gore and blood.


  • While there is not much language in multiplayer and zombies, the following words are said throughout the campaign:
    • Around 45-50 uses of "fuck."
    • About 35-40 uses of "shit."
    • 20-30 uses of "bastard."
    • Some uses of "ass" and "asshole."
    • Several uses of "son of a bitch."
    • Infrequent uses of "pussy."
    • Many uses of milder words such as "hell" and "damn."
  • Although this sounds like a lot, keep in mind that the campaign is much much longer than any movie so therefore language is relatively infrequent.
  • You are able to turn off graphic content in the options. This tones down the blood and language, but not completely. For example: "F*ck you" becomes "screw you."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are some scenes with smoking. Some of the "good guys" smoke which could be a mixed signal for young kids.
  • In the zombies mode, one of the characters constantly mentions Vodka.
  • Also in zombies, you can drink bottles to gain abilities.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • MA15+ for Strong violence and coarse language
  • As stated above, the violence is graphic, brutal and intense. But the game isn't very frightening compared to other first person shooters such as Halo, Fear, Doom e.t.c.
  • Scenes of torture, some are brutal.
  • There is a sequence which is the most intense part of the game, where one of the main character's head is bashed in after he refuses to be a part of a game.
  • The zombie mode is the most intense part of the game. Both the graphic violence (See violence/gore) and the disturbing "behavior" of zombies. Their "screaming" is also very intense, and you can get jump scared when they suddenly pop up behind you. On the DS they laugh a very creep laugh at the beginning and end of each wave.
  • The maps of zombie mode are always dark and disturbing (probably more disturbing than World at War)
  • If Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010) was a movie, it would be: Rated R for brutal war violence throughout, grisly images including torture, and pervasive language.
  • If Call of Duty: Zombies was a movie, it would be: Rated R for sustained brutal horror violence and carnage, pervasive language, grisly images, and nudity.
  • On Nintendo DS it is rated T. Though it isn't as deep and multiplayer doesn't work it is fun on zombies which is very frightening.
  • Zombies on DS is scary and very hard which make it easier to get attacked by zombies. Lots of shooting and gory zombies advance towards you and since it's first person it makes you feel like you are about to die. Nothing is shown though when you are killed. It cuts straight to the score.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • While attempting to assassinate Fidel Castro, the woman that he is shown with is wearing a rather skimpy negligee (presumably some sort of girlfriend or prostitute).
  • In the level "Crash Site", there are a few pin-ups on the boat.
  • In the level Payback, Woods makes a brief reference that he doesn't wanna be "shot in the balls."

Violence & Gore

  • In the mission "Vorkuta" a Russian guard is impaled through the back with a pickax flesh and blood spew out of his wound while he is held up in the air then thrown down
  • In the mission, "Operation 40", Woods violently stabs a man's hand with a knife and hits him with a glass bottle all with a some blood splatter. He then proceeds to execute the man.
  • In the mission " Executive Order" you see a man's eye gouged out. It is not particularly graphic, but it is brutal.
  • The mission "Victor Charlie" is quite graphic, where you brutally kill three Viet-cong by rapidly shredding their throats open with a knife with plenty of blood spurting from their necks.
  • In the mission "Project Nova" you see one of your comrades fatally exposed to Nova 6, a biochemical weapon. He vomits as the Nova 6 begins to kill him and then you see his face deteriorate as he screams. This scene is very disturbing and quite graphic.
  • In the mission "Payback" you are forced to play Russian Roulette with your two other team members. One of the main characters refuses and is beaten to death in the back of the head with a lead pipe. Very intense.
  • The battle of Kne Sanh contains a scene where a Viet Cong jumps you and you pull the pin of a grenade on his belt, thus blowing his limbs off. The actual blowing apart is seldom seen due to the explosion itself but you do later see his legs are blown off with a gory stump when looking down on him. The detail of gore is slightly obscured by darkness however.

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