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  • No, Slade Wilson a.k.a. Death stroke does not appear in the film. But he has recently been revealed to be the main villain in the solo Batman film with Joe Manganiello playing the role. Edit

  • The Joker is in the film, however, he isn't part of the Squad. He appears as a third party with his own agenda. Edit

  • Batman appears in flashbacks as the one who captures Deadshot and Harley Quinn. Bruce Wayne also appears in a mid-credit sequence where he acquires the details on the Meta-Humans from Amanda Waller. Edit

  • It's called "The House of the Rising Sun" and is performed by The Animals. You can find the complete list of songs with scene descriptions here. Edit

  • Trailer 1 (released at 2015 Comic-Con): "I Started a Joke" sung by Becky Hanson from a group called C.M.X. As of 4/4/2016, the song from the actual trailer is not available for sale or download. There have been fake covers of this particular version available on iTunes, but it is not the version from the trailer. The original version of this song was from the Bee Gees from their 1968 album Idea. Trailer 2: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, from their 1975 album A Night at the Opera. Trailer 3: Subtitled "Blitz" so named because the song is "The Ballroom Blitz" by "Sweet", 1973. Edit

  • GQ (Scott Eastwood) would have been killed when he detonated the bomb. Although if the bomb was a shape charge, the blast may have been entirely upwards and away from him. Given his close proximity in a confined space, the size of the blast, and the fact he isn't seen again, it's likely he was killed. Edit

  • The Flash has a brief cameo as the one who apprehends Captain Boomerang. Aquaman's personnel file is seen during the mid-credit sequence. Edit

  • For two reasons: to claim her heart back from Waller, who kept it under lock and key as a weakness to exploit. When Waller first has June Moone reveal her abilities as Enchantress, the heart is revealed to be kept in a briefcase only Waller can open or deactivate by thumbprint with a small bomb inside that will detonate at the first sign of trouble. When Enchantress first tries to take her heart back before unleashing Incubus on Midway City, she appears in Waller's bedroom and approaches the briefcase, only to see it trigger an alarm Waller programed before falling asleep. If she'd moved closer and tried to take it, the bomb more than likely would have gone off and killed Enchantress's spirit. So she had to be clever about getting the heart back and making sure Waller couldn't do anything to hurt or permanently damage it. Also, to exploit Waller's knowledge of top secret government facilities in her rampage of destruction. Waller is revealed to a woman who makes it her business to know everyone's secrets as a way to stay on top when she needs to. When Enchantress's machine is destroying the satellites and secret military bases, people are heard asking how Enchantress is aware of these facilities. It then immediately cuts to Waller with a tube in her head pumping information into the machine. Edit

  • ....staff at her headquarters? Most likely to cover her tracks, it was she who chose to try to exploit the Enchantress for espionage purposes so it was she who would ultimately be held responsible for the tragedy overcoming the city. From a cinematic point of view it demonstrated that even though she is a "good guy" she is cold-hearted and absolutely ruthless in order to achieve her goals. Especially in contrast to the squad itself. Edit

  • Footage removed for censorship is nowhere to be found in the Extended Version. Contentwise, a new path has not been struck either. In other words, if you enjoyed the movie, there's a bit more for you to enjoy. If you did not like the Theatrical Version, odds are you will not be thrilled by the Extended Version either. Edit



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