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  • Cop Out is a comedy film written by screenwriting brothers, Mark and Robb Cullen. Edit

  • The screenplay started out as a spec script by Mark and Robb Cullen, so Kevin Smith's writing talent was not needed. He did not do a re-write of the script, despite some reports stating so. In his stand-up TV special "Too Fat for 40" he stated that he was essentially taking a break from writing as he tried to figure out why some of his more recent movies (namely "Zack and Miri Make a Porno") weren't doing as well. He realized his life circumstances had changed from the days of "Clerks" and "Mallrats" and that to try to write a movie like that at this stage of his life wouldn't be honest. He liked the script for "A Couple of Dicks" (the original and working title of "Cop Out") and loved growing up watching buddy cop movies with his dad. Edit

  • Jason Lee, who frequently works with Smith, appears in a brief (two scene) role as the step-father of Jimmy Monroe (Bruce Willis)'s daughter. Seann William Scott, Tracy Morgan, and Ernest O'Donnell appear in this film as well. Edit



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