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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of stylized violence and action, some sexual content and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • -A woman sits on a copier and copies an image of her backside. It's is not clear whether it is clothed or nude.
  • -A man makes a comment about young girls 'selling themselves for octopus' poison.'
  • -Mostly mild sexual references throughout.
  • -In one scene a female lead is fully nude (but out of focus), seen in the background of a shot for maybe five seconds. It shows off her very curvy and very sexy silhouette. Then we get shot from from behind showing off her backside and sideboob.

Violence & Gore

    • Many men shoot at each other, one man is blown up by an explosive device (we see bits and pieces thrown through the air and a bloody rib cage is shown on the ground, as well as a severed finger that wiggles).
  • -A man is shot several times in the forehead (we see the bloody bullet holes). A man is attacked by another man, we hear a crunch and understand later that his head was ripped off (we see the severed head).
  • -We hear a woman scream and see her with two men who are threatening her with knives; another man attacks the two men, punches them, they are thrown through the air, we see in silhouette an arm being bent and hear a snap, and after the fight is over we see the man with a knife in his abdomen -- he pulls it out and it's covered with blood but he is fine.
  • -A man is shot many times (we see him thrown back and we see holes open in his coat) and another man is shot and he falls back onto the ground. A man walks through muck and shallow water, a woman with a gun stands up and points the gun at him, and the man is shot (we see two bloody bullet holes in his chest and we later see him with blood in his mouth). We see a dead man on the floor with blood on his mouth. A man is shot repeatedly and falls to the ground. A man is shot and falls to the ground, and another man kneels by his side and shoots himself in the head. A man is shot in the chest and blood splatters. A man is shot in the arm (we see blood in the water where he swims). A man is shot and is thrown up and back and onto the ground. A man shoots himself (we hear the shot and later see him with the back of his head missing in silhouette). A man is shot and falls back dead.
  • -A man is cut across the abdomen with a sword. A woman stabs a man through the chest (we see the blade poking out of his back, covered with blood, as he pulls the blade out). A woman throws a star-shaped blade and a man is struck in the shoulder (he moans and we see the star sticking out of his shoulder with a bit of blood). A woman with a sword slashes two men and they fall down a flight of stairs. We see blood on a man from multiple bullet wounds as another man removes the bullets.
  • -A man is thrown into power cables and is electrocuted (we see him thrashing and we hear buzzing; then we see him smoldering and charred on the ground).
  • -A small foot with a man's head attached at the ankle is alive and hops on a table, and then into a beaker of liquid (presumably an acid); it sizzles and bubbles and we do not see the foot with the head any longer. A cat is either given an injection or drinks a chemical that causes it to melt: we see it wash down a drain and two eyeballs remain in the sink (there's no blood, but we hear squishing).
  • -A man who's buried alive in a coffin scratches at the lid (we see his hands become bloody), we hear him breathing heavily and his hand then pushes up through the dirt. A doctor is covered with sprays of blood after working in an operating room. A woman picks up a severed finger and tucks it in the front of her dress.
  • -A man is run down by a truck, we see him pinned under a tire (still talking), we then see the driver back up and we hear a crunch; we see the man later with tire impressions on his neck and face but he is otherwise unharmed. A man is struck with a heavy box and a large metal pipe, he is struck in the crotch with a heavy metal beam and lifted off the ground, and he is struck with a toilet, but he pins his attacker on the ground and punches him in the face repeatedly and then holds him under water. A man punches another man repeatedly, and he throws a manhole cover at him (he is pushed back into a wall). A man strikes another man in the head with a rock. A man is struck in the head by another man, who's using a severed head as a weapon. A man is struck in the hands with a heavy metal pipe and his hands break (we hear a crunch and see the hands bend unnaturally. A man punches another man and he falls to the ground.
  • -Four people with guns threaten each other. A man with a gun threatens another man. Two men threaten to kill each other. A teenage boy and a teenage girl yell at each other and argue.
  • -A man collapses. A woman opens a door and two men on the other side are knocked down. A woman pushes a man out a window, he falls toward the ground below, his clothing is caught on a sculpture, he dangles, and he uses his belt to swing across to an elevator and ride down safely. A man jumps from a rooftop onto the roof of a moving car, the driver stops the car and the man gets in to drive. A man jumps across rooftops and climbs across cables. A teenage boy and a teenage girl hang off the back of a speeding train.
  • -We see an animation of a man attacking three men with swords: one man has a star imbedded in his head, and one is cut in half with a sword (we see the pieces separate).
  • -A man says he has a "freezer full of dead beagles" (from experiments). A woman says a man is dead. A man says, "Bring me his toes." A man says, "I'll turn you into hamburger." We hear a female voice saying "I am death" and "I am always with you" in a few scenes and see a wispy, female specter. A man says, "We're going to kill him." A man with visible wounds says he's not hurt that badly, stating, "I don't even have bones sticking out of me."
  • -There are swastikas seen on flags, two characters wear Nazi uniforms and we see a photo of Hitler.
  • -After exploding, the ribs of a character (still covered in guts/flesh) shoot into a wall and stick there.


  • 25 damns, 15 hells, 8 -sses, 3 sons of b-tches, 2 Gods, 1 Jesus, and 1 broad.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man offers a man a drink from a bottle, and a woman pours a glass of champagne. A woman smokes a cigarette, another woman smokes a cigarette, and a man puts a pipe in his mouth. A woman injects a man in the neck with a syringe filled with a blue liquid and he falls unconscious. A man makes a comment about little girls selling their souls or themselves for the "octopus's poison" (presumably a drug).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the fight/violent scenes are intense.
  • The atmosphere of the film is mostly bleak film noir style, and the villain is portrayed as highly disturbed/insane.
  • An animal is hurt by a chemical it drinks.

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