The Spirit (2008) Poster


Gabriel Macht: Spirit



  • [from trailer] 

    The Spirit : My city, I can not deny her. My city screams. She is my mother. She is my lover, and I am her Spirit.

  • The Spirit : Somebody get me a tie! I don't care what kind, it sure as hell better be red!

  • The Spirit : I'm gonna kill you all kinds of dead.

  • [last lines] 

    The Spirit : She is the love of my life. And I am her spirit.

  • The Spirit : I've known some pretty strange women in my time but this one, she's got the final word on strange.

  • The Spirit : This is for Sand!

    [hits The Octopus] 

    The Spirit : This is for me!

    [hits The Octopus] 

    The Spirit : And this is for Muffins!

    [roundhouse kicks The Octopus into a pillar with a Nazi Eagle on top] 

    The Octopus : Is that it?

    [Giant marble eagle falls on The Octopus] 

  • The Spirit : [Wakes up after being unconscious]  What smells dental?

    The Spirit : [Looks around at Nazi decorations, and realizes he's tied to a Dentist chair]  Dental and Nazi. Great.

  • The Spirit : All the enemy has is gun to knives. I have the entire city as my weapon.

  • The Spirit : There probably isn't a law in the books that you wouldn't break.

    Sand Saref : Tell me, do I look like a good girl?

  • The Spirit : [the Octopus has demonstrated a serum on a cat, muffins]  The cat... she is all the reason I need. I will kill you.

  • The Octopus : I had you beat, just like eggs.

    The Spirit : The hell you did!

  • The Spirit : She provides for me, my city does. She gives me everything I need.

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