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  • Persepolis is a French-language autobiographical graphic novel series by Marjane Satrapi depicting her childhood in Iran after the revolution. The title is a reference to the historical town of Persepolis. Edit

  • Those who have both seen the movie and read the graphic novels say that there were some changes. As you might expect, some stuff was added and some stuff was cut, e.g., they skim over the parts where Marjane lived with her friends. Considering that Marjane had a hand in writing the screenplay, however, most of what she considered the important parts of the story were probably left in. Edit

  • Persepolis is the Greek interpretation of "City of Pars", the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire during the Achaemenid dynasty. It is situated some 70 kilometers (over 40 miles) northeast of the modern city of Shiraz in the Fars Province of modern Iran. Edit

  • Persepolis is based on a graphic novel. The animation is styled after the graphic novel. Edit

  • In French, Oui is used when the answer replies to a positive question (e.g., Did you go to the store?—Yes, I did.) Non is used as a negation (e.g. Did you go to the store?—Non, I did not). Si is used as a "yes" answer or to mean "of course" after a negative question (e.g., You didn't go to the store?—Yes, I did). Edit



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