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  • It's likely they are making new characters for new storylines. It's also possible that a host was completely destroyed during a storyline (such as burned to ash or blown up) and required a complete rebuild. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There are generations of hosts. There are some that have been present since the park opened. These old hosts are more glitchy, robotic and mechanical in nature. The current generation of hosts are made of synthetic blood and bone. More cyborgs than robots. It is likely when a host gets upgraded, they simply upload their personalities in to the new model. It's stated that these new hosts are cheaper to repair and manufacture compared to the older, robotic types. Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • In the season one finale, we learn that the sadistic Man in Black is William, the first time visitor to the park whose adventure with Dolores forms one of the major stories of season one. There are several clues that William and The Man In Black are one in the same:

    • The Man In Black mentions he's been coming to Westworld for 30 years. It's revealed that William's storyline takes place in the past.

    • Throughout William's storyline, he acquires new clothing, piece-by-piece. Which become more and more identical to what The Man In Black wears.

    • Robert Ford tells a story about how the park was in financial trouble after Arnold's suicide and that it was rescued by outside investors, the Delos board, who Theresa works for. Logan tells William that the park is hemorhaging money and that their company is looking to invest more heavily in it. Later, when Ford and the Man in Black talk, it's revealed that The Man In Black is the CEO of Delos.

    • When William first visits the park he is given an orientation by the host Angela. Later, the Man in Black meets Angela, this time seemingly as a damsel in distress, and recognizes her, expressing surprise that she's still around after all this time. He also tells Angela that he's been to "the city swallowed by sand". This is the buried Escalante, which William and Dolores visited on their adventure.

    • The Man in Black indicates that he has long term and significant relationships with both Dolores and Lawrence. Both of these hosts play important roles in William's first visit to the park.

    • The Man in Black tells Lawrence that, in a sense, he was born in the park. This echoes comments which William makes to Dolores about how he feels reborn.

    • Both the Man in Black and William make similar comments about how the park reveals the true nature of a person.

    • The Man in Black says that on his first trip to the park he cut open a host to see how it worked. We see William dismembers several hosts with a Bowie knife. The same Bowie knife that The Man In Black uses.
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