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Zachary Levi: Shazam



  • [from trailer, Shazam and Freddy confront armed robbers in convenience store] 

    Shazam : Gentlemen...

    [robber shoots Shazam, the bullet ricochets off him] 

    Freddy Freeman : [filming on his phone]  You have bullet immunity!

    Shazam : [shocked]  I'm bulletproof!

    [they both laugh before Shazam's expression suddenly turns serious] 

    Shazam : [turning back to the robbers ]  You're dead.

    [robbers fly out the window in front of a couple] 

    Shazam : [walking out of store with junk food]  Sorry about your window... but you're welcome for not getting robbed!

    Freddy Freeman : Have a good night!

    Shazam : [to couple]  Oh hey, wassup? I'm a superhero!

  • [Shazam and Sivana are in the sky] 

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Only I have the power to unleash...

    Shazam : [can't hear him]  Wait, WHAT?

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : will beg for mercy...

    Shazam : Are you making some, like, big, evil-guy speech right now or somethin'? You're like a mile away from me, and there's traffic and cars and stuff! All I see is mouth-movin'!

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : As I feast on your heart...

    Shazam : Ah, whatever, screw it!

  • Freddy Freeman : What are your superpowers?

    Shazam : Superpowers? Dude, I don't even know how to pee in this thing!

  • Shazam : I can't talk to fish! And even if I could, what could I do that's cool?

    Freddy Freeman : [wearing an Aquaman shirt]  I don't know, maybe command an army of billions from the ocean?

    Shazam : Uh... well, that's not THAT cool.

  • Shazam : [at a robbery]  I'm bulletproof!

    Freddy Freeman : Hey, guys, can you shoot him in the face?

    Shazam : Yeah, yeah, shoot me in the face!... Wait, what?

    [gets shot in the face several times] 

    Shazam : ...That kinda tickles.

  • Shazam : [holds up the Eye of Sin]  What's that? You say you'll give me everything I ever wanted?

    Super Hero Mary : Don't do it!

    Shazam : Psych! Did you really think I was going to put a demon orb in my head? That's gross.

  • Shazam : [Shooting lightning bolts, to the tempo of the opening notes of "Eye Of The Tiger" from "Rocky" ]  Hands, lighting with my hands, lighting with my hands.

  • Shazam : Did you see what I just did?

    Freddy Freeman : Yeah, you electrocuted a bus and almost killed those people!

    Shazam : ...And then I CAUGHT it!

  • Shazam : [to Doctor Thaddeus Sivana]  You're like a bad guy, right?

  • Shazam : Hey, what's up? I'm a superhero.

  • Shazam : You're the only person I know that knows anything about this Caped Crusader stuff.

    Freddy Freeman : Can I?

    Shazam : Oh, yeah. Yeah.

    Freddy Freeman : [touches the lightning bolt on Shazam's costume] 

    Shazam : It's crazy, right?

    Freddy Freeman : What're your superpowers?

    Shazam : Superpowers? Dude, I don't even know how to pee in this thing!

  • Shazam : [at the Philadelphia Museum of Art]  I can see why Rocky climbed up all the way here.

  • [Shazam exits a gentlemen's club while eating chicken wings] 

    Freddy Freeman : What'd you see? What'd you see? Were there boobies? You see nipples? W-Why aren't you talking?

    Shazam : We're gonna need more money.

    Freddy Freeman : Why? You were in there for, like, five minutes.

    Shazam : Dude, they were very convincing!

  • [Shazam saves Mary from being hit by a snow plow] 

    Mary Bromfield : Oh, my God.

    Shazam : Mary... Mary, are you okay? Are you...

    Mary Bromfield : How do you know my name?

    Shazam : Uh... How do I know your name? Uh... One of my superpowers is name-guessing. Which is really weird, I bet. Uh, it's not as cool as super-strength or super-speed, but it's really helpful when I meet new people. Are you hurt?

    Mary Bromfield : No, I'm okay. Thank you. Um... I just need a second to think. This has been such a weird day.

    Shazam : Um, using my powers of super-observation, I see that you're holding a letter from a college in your hand. Are you upset because you didn't get in?

    Mary Bromfield : [shakes her head, then nods]  I got in.

    Shazam : Uh... well, now my superpowers are failing me and I am very confused.

    Mary Bromfield : Yeah. Me too. I don't know. I know I should be excited 'cause this is my dream and I've worked really, really hard for this, but it's like... I don't know. Leaving my family does not feel fun, you know?

    Shazam : Could I, could I give you a little piece of advice? Don't be worried about everybody else. Always look out for number one. Gandhi said that.

    Mary Bromfield : I don't think he said that.

    Shazam : Yeah, he did.

    Mary Bromfield : Gandhi did not say.

    Shazam : Somebody like Gandhi said that.

    Mary Bromfield : Take care of number one.

    Shazam : It was a really wise... It might've been Yoda. Listen...

    Mary Bromfield : I'm sorry, no.

    Shazam : Agree to disagree. The point is, you do you, you know? You gotta look out for you. And get as far away from this place as you can.

    Mary Bromfield : I don't know if I want to.

    Shazam : Of course you do. What're you gonna do? You're gonna live in a group home for the rest of your life?


    Shazam : Look, families are for people who can't take care of themselves, okay? So... You know, and you can take care of yourself. Also, look both ways when you cross the street.

  • Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Chosen one.

    [Shazam turns around and sees Sivana] 

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : The so-called perfect man. Pure of heart. Flawless in every way.

    [Sivana looks at Shazam's costume] 

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : What made you so worthy?

    Shazam : I'm sorry, can I help, can I help... Do you want an autograph or something?

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Give me your power.

    [Sivana removes his sunglasses, revealing the Eye of Sin as his right eye] 

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Or die.

    Shazam : Oh, snap! You're like, a bad guy, right? Okay. Okay, okay, okay, look. Before this gets really stupid for you, you should know that I'm basically invincible. So you...

    [Sivana punches Shazam in the stomach before doing an uppercut that sends him flying upward and crashing on a police car] 

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : The weapons of man draw no blood from our kind.

    [Sivana zaps two police officers on his left] 

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : The only thing that extinguishes magic... is magic. Time to transfer your power to me.

    [Shazam suddenly punches Sivana in the crotch] 

    Shazam : Oh, ho ho ho ho! Oh, you didn't see that one coming, did you, grandpa? Them's street rules.

    [Shazam throws a punch at Sivana, but Sivana catches his fist and grabs him by the throat. He then flies up in the air with Shazam] 

    Shazam : Okay, okay, okay, okay. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I never should've punched you in the nuts like that. That was totally my bad! We can talk about this!

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : You grovel like a child.

    Shazam : That's because I am one. I-I'm a kid! You don't wanna hurt a kid, do you?

    [Sivana punches Shazam down back to the city] 

    Shazam : I believe I can fly! I believe I can fly! I believe I can fly! Freddy said if I believe I can fly, then I can fly! So I believe! I believe! I believe! Okay.

    [Shazam does a Superman flying pose] 

    Shazam : Superman! Superman! What arm is it? Why am I not flying? Please, I don't wanna die!

    [Shazam closes his eyes before crashing on the road below. He then opens his eyes and discovers that he is floating] 

    Shazam : I'm floating!

    [Shazam gets hit by a truck and falls off the freeway. Several drivers get out of their cars to see where Shazam fell, but he rises up] 

    Shazam : I can fly!

    [Shazam is attacked by Sivana] 

  • [Sivana chases Shazam in the air, then they see each other a mile away] 

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Enough games, boy. You think a pack of children can...

    [Shazam cannot hear Sivana] 

    Shazam : Wait, what?

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : You will beg for mercy as I feast on your heart... slow.

    Shazam : Are you making some big evil guy speech right now or something? You're like, a mile away from me right now. There's cars and trucks.

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : I will have the world eating out of the palm of my hand...

    Shazam : All I see is mouth moving. I don't hear any...

    Dr. Thaddeus Sivana : Only I have the power to unleash...

    Shazam : Ah, whatever. Screw it.

    [Shazam and Sivana charge towards each other] 

  • Shazam : Dude! Dude! Dude! Dude, did you see that?

    Freddy Freeman : Yeah. You electrocuted a bus and almost killed these people.

    Shazam : And then I caught it! Freddy, I caught a bus with my bare hands, man! I caught a bus like people catch fly balls. Like, who does that? I do that!

    Freddy Freeman : Billy, you do nothing. You, you take selfies and make people pay you. You know, forget it. I can't really talk to you when you look like this.

    Shazam : You just wish it was you.

    Freddy Freeman : No shit! You think? I would kill to have what you have. Because everything I do is, like, some desperate attempt to get people to notice me. To not feel sorry for me. I mean, look at me! Look at me. Do you even see me? 'Cause most people don't. 'Cause they don't want to. And now you don't, either. I mean, you think this is who you are? I mean, Billy, you're 14. And now you're no better than the Breyers. All this power, and all you did was turn into a show-off and a bully.

    [Freddy walks away] 

    Shazam : Whatever, kid! I do what I want! And I'm like, mid-20s probably! Maybe even, like, 30.

  • Shazam : So this is like the Seven Deadly Sins, right? I mean, I've never been great at math, but, uh, the big angry one, that's Wrath, yeah? And then Gluttony, obvi. Pride, Greed, Sloth, Lust, who I thought was gonna be way hotter, if I'm being honest. But that's only six. Where's lucky number seven? Where's little man? Where's Envy? Is he just scared of me and my family because we're so awesome? Because I get that. Like, the other sins, they get to come out and fight, because they're big and strong and scary. But Envy... he's just the runt.

    [Envy's face emerges out of Sivana's body before disappearing. Shazam and Sivana then float] 

    Shazam : And that's why all the other Sins never invite him out to play, man. Because they all know who'd win.

    [Sivana charges his fists] 

    Shazam : And it's not weak, worthless, ugly Envy.

    [Envy exits Sivana's body to charge at Shazam, causing Sivana to fall and hang on the ledge of the building] 

  • [Shazam removes the Eye of Sin off Sivana, trapping the Seven Deadly Sins within it] 

    Shazam : Here's a thing about power. What good is power if you got nobody to share it with?

    Super Hero Mary : Nice.

    Super Hero Freddy : Ta-da!

    Super Hero Pedro : That's disgusting.

    Super Hero Eugene : Fatality.


    Super Hero Eugene : I got the voice!

    [Shazam laughs when he suddenly starts staring at the Eye of Sin] 

    Shazam : What's that? I can have anything I've ever wanted?

    [the siblings notice Shazam placing the Eye of Sin close to his face] 

    Super Hero Mary : Billy.

    Super Hero Freddy , Super Hero Darla , Super Hero Pedro : No, no, no!

    Super Hero Mary : Stop it! Stop it!

    Super Hero Freddy : Don't look at that! Billy, don't do it!

    [Billy laughs and points at everyone] 

    Shazam : Ah! You should hear yourselves!

    Super Hero Mary : Not funny.

    Shazam : What? You think I'm gonna put a demon ball in my head? That's disgusting.

    Super Hero Eugene : That's funny. That's pretty funny. You got me going.

    Super Hero Mary : Uh... Guys.

    Shazam : What?

    [Shazam notices the carnival crowd applauding them] 

    Shazam : Oh, hey.

    Super Hero Darla : Oh, wow.

    Shazam : All right, we did it! Hey, you guys are all safe. There's no more danger anymore.

  • Freddy Freeman : Are you more powerful than a locomotive?

    Shazam : What's a locomotive?

  • Billy Batson : Hi. Um... I was supposed to get off at 30th.

    The Wizard : Billy Batson.

    Billy Batson : How'd you know my name?

    The Wizard : I am the last of the Council of Wizards. Keeper of the Rock of Eternity.

    Billy Batson : Oh... You're... that guy. Hey, listen, I don't have any money.

    The Wizard : Do not patronize me, boy!

    [the Wizard strikes the ground with his staff] 

    The Wizard : You are standing in the source of all magic. The Rock of Eternity. Seven thrones of seven wizards. But long ago, we chose a champion. And we chose recklessly. He used his power for revenge, releasing the Seven Deadly Sins into your world. Millions of lives were lost. Entire civilizations erased from existence.

    [the Wizard walks around Billy] 

    The Wizard : That is why I vowed never to pass on my magic until I find one truly good person. Strong in spirit, pure in heart.

    Billy Batson : Look, man, maybe this is magic, and, I don't know, but the people you're looking for, good, pure people, I'm not one of them. I-I don't know if anyone is, really.

    The Wizard : You, Billy Batson, are all I have. All the world has.

    [the Wizard strikes the ground with his staff in front of Billy] 

    The Wizard : Lay your hands on my staff.

    Billy Batson : Gross.

    The Wizard : And say my name so my powers may flow through you. I open my heart to you, Billy Batson. And in so doing, choose you as champion.

    Billy Batson : Thanks.

    [the Wizard strikes the ground again] 

    Billy Batson : Real sweet of you, mister, but I really gotta get going.

    The Wizard : My brothers and sisters were slain by the Sins. Their thrones lie empty! My magic must be passed on. Now...

    [the Wizard strikes the ground again] 

    The Wizard : Speak my name!

    Billy Batson : I-I don't know your name, sir. We just met.

    The Wizard : My name is... Shazam.

    Billy Batson : [chuckles]  Wait, for real?

    The Wizard : Say it!

    Billy Batson : Okay! Jeez.

    [Billy places his left hand on the staff while the Wizard holds it with both hands] 

    Billy Batson : So just say it? Like... Shazam?

    [Billy is struck by lightning] 

    The Wizard : Yes! Carry my name, and with it, you carry all my powers. The wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury.

    [Billy gets up, now as Shazam] 

    Shazam : What happened to me? Why am... W-w-what did you do to me? What did you do to my voice?

    The Wizard : You have been transformed to your full potential, Billy Batson. With your heart, unlock your greatest power.

    [the Wizard hands Shazam his staff] 

    The Wizard : The thrones of our brothers and sisters await.

    [the Wizard crumbles into dust, startling Shazam as he drops the staff and grabs his backpack] 

    Shazam : Get me outta here!

  • [Freddy sits alone at the cafeteria when the Breyer brothers appear] 

    Brett Breyer : What are you doing? Waiting for your imaginary BFF to show up?

    Burke Breyer : Yeah.

    [Burke grabs some of Freddy's food before elbowing him in the head. Freddy's siblings join him at the table] 

    Freddy Freeman : What are you guys doing here?

    Mary Bromfield : Well, we're having lunch with you.

    Freddy Freeman : But you guys have different lunch periods.

    Mary Bromfield : Well, we made a very special arrangement.

    Freddy Freeman : Darla, what's going on?

    Darla Dudley : Why are you asking me?

    [Shazam enters the cafeteria with some food] 

    Shazam : Freddy Freeman!

    [all the kids see Shazam in awe] 

    Shazam : This guy taught me everything I know about being a dope superhero. True story. You should get some pointers from him.

    [Shazam sits next to Freddy] 

    Shazam : What's going on, my best bud in the whole world? And also new kids that I'm meeting for the first time but seem very cool? Uh... I invited another friend. I hope that's okay.

    [Superman arrives with some food and stands next to Freddy] 

    Freddy Freeman : Huh!

  • [Shazam holds a fishbowl] 

    Shazam : Shh, shh, shh! Shh!

    [Shazam looks at the goldfish] 

    Shazam : Don't beat yourself up, buddy. You're gonna find someone.


    Shazam : Yeah, I'm sure. Because there's plenty of fish in the sea.

    [Shazam laughs while Freddy puts down his camcorder] 

    Shazam : Of course it's not real. I can't talk to fish. Even if I could, I mean, honestly, what could we do with that that's cool?

    Freddy Freeman : I don't know. Maybe command a, an army of billions in the ocean?

    [Freddy tugs his Aquaman shirt] 

    Shazam : Oh yeah. Well, that's not that cool.

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