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  • A group of teenage girls are terrorized by Sister Ursula, a nun that believes she must rid the world of all sin. After Sister Ursula mysteriously disappears, the Catholic school is shut down. Many years later, the women, all grown up, are terrorized by a ghostly nun. The daughter of one of the women sets out to find out what happened all those years ago.

  • Six Catholic school girls accidentally murder the sadistic Sister after she goes too far abusing one of them. Eighteen years later the girls started die one by one.Eve and her friend Julia,Joel go to spain meeting the other surviving girls to figure out why they started dying.


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  • Six teenage girls are boarders in a school where they are terrorised by a fearsome nun. When she discovers that one of the girls is pregnant, the nun tries to purify her. The girls watch as their friend is tortured and decide to inetervene. The nun was never seen again.

    Seventeen years later, each of the girls has moved on. But one night, one of them is brutally murdered. Then another, They know she has returned, and is seeking revenge. The only way to triumph over the nun is to return to the place where it all began all those years ago - the boarding school.

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