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  • Manhattan Center, New York Edit (Coming Soon)

  • While there is no concrete proof that Triple H has used his position as the boss' Son-in-Law to further his legacy and hold down talent, there are a myriad of examples that fans, journalists and historians have used to add weight for the theories of their beliefs.

    One such example is of former ECW star Rob Van Dam. Upon his official signing in the WWF/E in 2001 things were looking up for RVD. He instantly caught on the with pro-WWE crowd as a fan favorite and would get some of the loudest crowd pops of the year. This coupled with Van Dam receiving a WWF title shot against Stone Cold Steve Austin and facing The Undertaker over the Hardcore title on pay-per-view quickly helped propel Rob to a higher position. More than a year later he was in World Championship contention once against, this time with Triple H. At WWE Unforgiven (2002) in September Rob faced off against Trips in a losing effort. In November at Survivor Series (2002) they competed in the first ever Elimination Chamber match. During the course of which, Rob Van Dam performed his signature Five-Star Frogsplash finishing maneuver onto Triple H from the top of a pod within the Chamber, accidentally crushing his throat on the landing. Rob's last World title shot for the time came a week later on Raw against Shawn Michaels, where Triple H interfered giving RVD a Pedigree. Afterwards Rob was pushed down the card to a more mid-level status (also known as a Mid-Carder). In June of 2006 Rob finally won the WWE Championship, from John Cena, at the ECW One Night Stand (2006) ppv event. This would be short lived however, as Rob was busted for drug possession. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • WWE is going for a more family friendly nature with their current product. They figured that the top star should have a cleaner persona as well as move set. So the FU (Fireman's carry takeover) is now known as the Attitude Adjustment (AA) and the STFU goes by its traditional name, the STF. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • On March 10, 1997 Raw became two hours long and for TV ratings puposes both hours were given different names. Hour one would be referred to as Raw is War with the second hour being called War Zone, as illustrated by on-screen graphics. On October 1st 2001, it was changed so that the first hour would be shortened to Raw, with the second hour being Raw Zone, to remove the War moniker after the September 11th terrorist attacks, and because the war between the WWF and rival WCW had ended earlier in the year when WWE purchased WCW's properties and assets.

    At the end of each hour, a copyright graphic would appear at the bottom corner of the screen, indicating both show titles. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • For years the USA Network had been pressuring the WWE about Raw going to 3 hours. Being consistently one of the highest rated shows on cable television, the extra hour made sense for more money to be made from advertising revenue.

    On May 17 2012, WWE announced that following the 1,000th episode special on July 23rd, Raw would be 3-hours live on a weekly basis. Edit (Coming Soon)


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