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20 Jun. 2012
The Bots and the Bees
Bender fathers a child with the office beverage machine.
20 Jun. 2012
A Farewell to Arms
Earth gets evacuated after a prediction of the end of the planet.
27 Jun. 2012
Decision 3012
The Planet Express crew gets involved in the running campaigns for the new world presidency.
4 Jul. 2012
The Thief of Baghead
Bender brings his friends in trouble by becoming a paparazzo.
11 Jul. 2012
Zapp Dingbat
Leela's parents break up and while Leela's mother starts dating, her father picks up his youth where he left it off.
18 Jul. 2012
The Butterjunk Effect
Leela and Amy get involved in the tough world of the Butterfly sport.
25 Jul. 2012
The Six Million Dollar Mon
After Hermes gets replaced by a machine he gets himself upgraded to become useful again for the company.
1 Aug. 2012
Fun on a Bun
When Fry gets trapped in ice during Oktoberfest he is mistaken for a caveman and accepted in the isolated world of the Neanderthals. Convinced he is a Neanderthal himself he decides to plot a war against the stuck up Homo Sapiens.
8 Aug. 2012
Free Will Hunting
After Bender realizes he has no power over the decisions he makes, he goes on a soul searching trip to liberate himself from the shackles of his pre-deterministic operation system.
15 Aug. 2012
Near-Death Wish
After Fry had a quarrel with Dr Farnsworth about family issues, Fry decides to look up Dr Farnsworths' parents to enjoy the family he never had.
22 Aug. 2012
Viva Mars Vegas
The Planet Express crew goes gambling in Mars Vegas where they risk far more than losing their chips.
29 Aug. 2012
31st Century Fox
When Bender joins the local Fox Hunting Club ethical questions about killing things arise.
29 Aug. 2012
A humorous mockumentary about nature.

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