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Season 2

11 Nov. 2002
The Talented Mr. Alan
Five years and one nervous breakdown later, Alan is back on Radio Norwich, albeit in a better timeslot, and has released an autobiography, "Bouncing Back". He is currently living in a caravan while his dream house is being built and is seeing a younger woman, a scatterbrained Ukrainian immigrant called Sonja. He is still friends with Michael, the Geordie handyman from the Linton Travel Tavern who now works at a BP petrol station, which Alan uses as a hangout spot. While there he runs into his old school teacher, who invites him to give a talk at his school. Alan uses ...
18 Nov. 2002
The Colour of Alan
Michael's front door has been stolen so he is staying over at Alan's. Alan's latest gig is hosting an annual awards ceremony for a coal-effect gas fireplace company and is being visited by a representative of South African extraction. After his pranking his country club backfires, Alan is forced to take the rep to his house still under construction, giving Lynn and Michael one hour to set up a conference room from whatever they can find.
25 Nov. 2002
Alan meets Dan, who spookily likes various things he does - Lexuses (or rather "Lexi"), Lynx deodorant, The Daily Mail, Director's Bitter and calling people "saaad". They become instant friends, and since Dan owns a successful kitchen company, he could provide both a good deal on a kitchen and a chance to climb Norfolk's social ladder.
2 Dec. 2002
Never Say Alan Again
Michael has a new friend, Tex, who likes all things American. Alan is jealous and cancels Michael's invitation to join Alan in watching all the James Bond films. Lynn's new boyfriend, Gordon, warns Alan about his behaviour towards Lynn.
9 Dec. 2002
I Know What Alan Did Last Summer
After telling his Ukrainian girlfriend that he is a good friend of U2's singer, Bono, she insists on meeting him. Meanwhile, two tax inspectors come to see Alan and he's rather nervous.
16 Dec. 2002
Alan Wide Shut
Alan's house is finally finished and he gives each of the builders a leaving present - a copy of his book "Bouncing Back", which has not sold well at all and is due to be pulped. Sonja is keen to move in with him as her flat is being demolished to make way for an office block, but Alan is wary of commitment and prefers to "come to an arrangement".

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