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  • Yes, this Kids' WB! series can be considered a sequel to, a spin-off, or even a continuation of the Fox series "Batman" (a.k.a. "Batman: The Animated Series"). It is also part of the larger "Timm-verse" (named for producer & character designer Bruce Timm) which also includes: "Static Shock"; "Superman"; "Batman Beyond"; "The Zeta Project"; and "Justice League"--as well as a number of theatrical and direct-to-video animated movies. "The New Batman Adventures" begins almost three years after the end of the Fox series. Edit

  • Gotham City is a fictional U.S. port city located on the north-eastern Atlantic coast. It was originally a stand-in for New York City, but has also been likened to other crime-ridden urban centers such as Chicago and Detroit. Some sources have placed Gotham City in the state of New Jersey; however, this cannot be considered definitive. In the context of Batman: The Animated Series, the second (1993-1994) season episode "Avatar" shows a map that places Gotham City in the location of the real-world New York City. In addition, the direct-to-video animated movie SubZero (1998) gives Barbara Gordon's street address as Gotham City, NY; and gives a ZIP code (10025) and telephone area code (212) that are assigned to New York City.

    The current DC Universe version of Gotham City is actually a small island connected to the mainland by a series of bridges and tunnels. The east and south sides of Gotham face the Atlantic Ocean. The city is further divided by the Sprang River (named for Dick Sprang) on the northern end and the Finger River (for Bill Finger) to the south. Tiny Blackgate Isle to the south-east is home to Blackgate Maximum Security Penitentiary. Blackgate is replaced by Stonegate Penitentiary in the animated series "Batman" (1992) and its spin-offs. Edit



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