Everybody Loves Raymond (TV Series 1996–2005) Poster


Patricia Heaton: Debra Barone



  • Debra Barone : Ok, you know what? I'm tired of this. I'd rather be normal than this.

    [imitates Marie] 

    Debra Barone : Ooh, dear how are you. Frosting in a can, so much easier than homemade. Look in that refrigerator. Whoa, smells like there wasn't anything good in here for a while.

    [imitates Frank] 

    Debra Barone : Time for desert. Holy crap. I'm not listening anymore, doo dah, doo dah...

    [imitates Robert] 

    Debra Barone : Oh, everything's turning out perfect for Raymond.

    [increasingly frustrated] 

    Debra Barone : Oh, lucky Raymond. Everybody loves Raymond. EVERYBODY loves Raymond. EVERYBODY LOVES Raymond. EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND!

    [everybody laughs] 

    Robert Barone : Do me, now.

  • [about Debra's dad's new girlfriend] 

    Ray Barone : Well, usually guys his age go for younger women. Instead of going for somebody younger he went for somebody different.

    Debra Barone : Ray!

    Ray Barone : I meant... No! I mean, I always say the opposite phrases of what I say. Like, just this morning I told Debra "I'm soup, can I get some hungry?"

    [laughs nervously] 

    Ray Barone : [Debra's mom leaves, Debra looks at Ray menacingly and goes after her mother] 

    Ray Barone : Oh, man...

    Frank Barone : Kill is going to Debra you.

  • Ray Barone : You said you didn't know me?

    Debra Barone : You were stuffing your pants with food!

    Ray Barone : So? I'm your husband, you're supposed to love me no matter what's in my pants!

  • Debra Barone : Honey, show daddy what you drew.

    Ray Barone : That's okay, I can figure it out.

    [Ally hands Ray a drawing] 

    Ray Barone : Um, lets see. A big wall of red?

    Ally Barone : No.

    Debra Barone : Ally told me that was a picture of you in hell.

  • [after Raymond sees Deborah crying all alone] 

    Raymond : Do you cry because I'm stupid?

    Deborah : No, I eat ice cream because you are stupid.

  • Robert Barone : I actually say a prayer that Ray doesn't do so good that day.

    Debra Barone : You say a prayer?

    Robert Barone : Come on, God, get him!

  • Ray Barone : Shouldn't you be yelling at me, or something?

    Debra Barone : Ray, when you're on the Titanic you lower the lifeboats. You don't stop to yell at the iceberg.

  • [Ray has hurt his back and is in bed with Debra] 

    Ray Barone : I guess I am going to be out of commission for a while.

    Debra Barone : I wouldn't worry - it's not like Van Gogh has lost his paint brush.

  • Debra Barone : [to Robert]  It's your life. You do what you want to do.

    Ray Barone : Until you're married... then you do what SHE wants you to do.

  • Debra Barone : You know what, I'm tired! Could you just call yourself an idiot?

  • Debra Barone : Where did you just come from?

    Raymond : I went to the bathroom.

    Debra Barone : No, you didn't.

    Raymond : I'm doing it right now.

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