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The UK/Australian DVD release is cut as well as the American DVD release. The chair sabotage from "Do it yourself Mr.Bean" is still missing, and some segments of "Back to school Mr.Bean" are cut, the box set includes the Turkey weighing scene though.
The interludes "End of part one" and "Part two" are cut out in future releases.
When aired on Fox Family Channel, usage of the word 'hell' was removed. Like in the episode "Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean" when Mr. Bean went to go put more change into the machine, a mother says "what the hell do you think you're doing", the word hell was covered up by children laughing.
When the video 'Exciting Escapades of Mr. Bean, The (1990) (V)' was released, a third sketch was aired called 'Bus Stop', where Mr. Bean has to wait for the bus with a blind man and a mother. This is an extended version of a skit in the episode "Mr. Bean Rides Again", after Mr. Bean drops his car keys down the sewer, he waits in line for the bus, but only part of the sketch was aired.
The 2003 "Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean" DVD box set contains all 14 episodes of the series. However, some episodes, such as "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean" and "Do-It-Yourself, Mr. Bean" have been edited, with a few sequences missing (buying his Christmas turkey, trying out his armchair in a department store, etc.). 'Story of Bean, The (1997) (TV)' documentary has also been edited (most notably, the section detailing 'Tall Guy, The (1989)' has been removed). The edited episodes on the DVD appear to be the same ones originally aired on British Television minus "End of Part One", etc, as the video versions (released in the 1990s under the guises of "the red/blue/turqoise/purple Mr Bean videos") have these cut scenes intact.

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