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Strange former Disney Channel staple
xxlittlekittenxx15 March 2003
Warning: Spoilers
YES, this is 'Peter No Tail In America', the Swedish animated film that Disney Channel used to air every so often in their 'Toonin' Tuesday' block (God I miss that). It was a bizarre movie with strange-looking animation about a cat named Peter who felt like an outsider in a community of cats because of being a manx. The story is much weirder than it sounds.

(A few spoilers coming up. Brace yourselves.)

There were a lot of things in this movie that just didn't connect well. First Peter goes to New York in hope of somehow getting a new tail, then ends up with a bunch of showgirl cats, and then in the old West (I don't even remember how). I think a Native American cat gives him this really long tail during the old West part, but it ends up being a dream. Then in real life Peter, his girlfriend Molly, and a whole bunch of other cats go for a trip in the woods and have a run in with a huge cannibalistic bobcat. And that's basically it.

This wasn't a bad movie, and I actually liked it a lot when I was young, but it's just so weird! As mentioned, the animation's strange and the movements are very choppy, so if don't watch this if you're in hope for Disney/Bluth-quality animation. The dubbing's also not top notch. I nearly forgot about it until I found it here at IMDB. I don't know how I remember such an odd movie fairly well...
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A good sequel to the original Peter-no-tail
morrowman29 March 2004
I saw this film on the Disney channel about ten years ago along with the original Peter no-tail. This cartoon film was just about as good as the original, but the original was still my favorite. This one

however had a good point to it: What happens to someone from another country who is not use to a big city in America. Never the less Peter no-tail was still a kind-hearted cat to everyone even if the other cats were not nice to him. This one had a little bit different story then the original,but it was still an excellent film, not only for children but adults should enjoy this film as well as children. It is still a shame that this film and the original Peter-no-tail are not very well known.
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A truly strange film
AstralHippo2 May 2006
I grew up watching Peter No-Tail and still today enjoy watching the original film. I enjoy cartoons in general. But this sequel is such a strange film that I have never been able to watch it thru. There's something very strange in how everything is drawn. It's not necessarily bad (though this is a Swedish low budget film), it's just very strange. I like bizarre films, Cronenberg and Lynch are some of my favourite directors, but this film is simply too bizarre and absurd. I guess the film feels so strange partly because you realize that the authors weren't trying to make a strange film. I am sure they had a great vision about the film, but somehow they went too far. Watching this film feels like an LSD overdose. It's a truly strange film. I recommend this film, but be prepared to not being able to finish it.
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Congratulations for Peter No Tail in Americat
Peter No Tail is now graduation in Sweden to America. I'm very proud for the Disney Channel. :) Congratulations for Peter No Tail in Americat. And now, you're the paradise in 100% American dreams.
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