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I have watched this show for the last time....
PHeath6018 August 2006
Entertainment Tonight has been going down hill for the last few years, but as of last night (Aug 17th 2006) they reached a new low.

In an effort to try to hype up their broadcast, they decided to post actual photos of JonBenet Ramsey's body in their teasers last night ...saying "Pictures from the case you have never seen before". The two photos were graphic and very disturbing. One was of the side of her face and head/neck and you could clearly see the cord that was used to strangle her around her neck, and bruising on her face. This was so hideously awful, I could not believe it. How has this got to do with ANYTHING remotely related to Hollywood Entertainment?? Nothing!! They have dropped their level of dignity and values to a new low....and it shows. This used to be THE premiere show to watch...and it's just garbage now.

I will watch Access Hollywood from now on.
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How ET has gone to hell in an anorexic tabloid frenzy!
TLW40427 February 2006
Don Knotts, Darrin McGavinn & Dennis Weaver died this weekend. RIP. ET only talked about how Don was anorexic! ET and the Insider are the two biggest pieces of crap on the air. I used to never miss it. Now its all self-promotion and medical tabloid garbage! I remember in the old days when someone of Don Knotts stature, Dennis Weaver or Mr. McGavinn passed the entire show would be a tribute to them, I would tape them --now Dancing With The Stars 10 min. 700 LB MAN OR 40 LB FASHON STICK 12 min. --- Mr. Knotts with a 50 year entertainment history- 2min !!!! Maltin gives 1 min. on Weaver and 30 seconds about McGavvin and A Christmas Story! SHAME!
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The reason why other country don't like the US
ReeperTheSeeker28 June 2007
This show is unbelievable in that . . . what it represents and what it focuses on and . . . words cannot describe how insane ET is. They will report anything. If a celebrity is even remotely indirectly connected to the story ET will report on it. If a dog poop in the Tom Cruise's yard they will report on it. If a celebrity dies . . . they will talk about it for weeks on end to the point where the public envy that celebrity. If a celebrity is on trial . . . ET will report it for MONTHS on end. There is no end to what this show will reports and no time frame that dictates how long they will focus on a story. Is it even considered legitimates reporting? The reports are so dang annoying too, with harsh rambling voices and end with an unnecessary pause to convey a sense of important. I cannot watch this show without questioning humanity's existence. ET is one big reason I avoid pre-evening shows in general. I regret that IMDb can only allow a minimum of one star rating and not zero or even in the negatives. For this show deserve -10 Stars.
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Mark Steines
ettaplace912 February 2007
I'm just wondering how much of Anna Nicole's inheritance is going to Mark Steines. There is nothing objective about his reporting. Entertainment Tonight has been hurting for content lately, but I did not expect them to stoop to the levels they have of late. The interviews with Anna Nicole just prior to her passing were in poor taste, but the latest interview with Howard K. Stern is a new low. If I didn't know better I'd think Mark Steines was in the employ of Mr. Stern. As for the content on the show of late, more time is spent on discussing what is coming up next, what is coming up tomorrow, and what is coming up next week, than on the entertainment "news." I hate to see this happen to the show. I used to be a fan. Now I fast forward mostly.
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No need to talk about the Ramsey Case!
rick1320926 August 2006
I have to agree with PHeath60. The case of JonBenet Ramsey has nothing to do with entertainment. You need to stop sensationalizing this sad,sad event. Let the nightly news handle the news. Stick to entertainment.

Here's what PHeath60 had to say:

I have watched ET for the LAST time. I could NOt believe that an Entertainment show about Hollywood would show a picture of JonBenet Ramsey's body on TV last night. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. They showed the side of her face/head and you could see the cord around her throat and they also showed her hand. There is NO reason to do that...it has nothing to do with Hollywood and it was in the poorest taste of TV I have ever seen. No parent/family member should have to worry about turning on the TV and seeing their child/grandchild's body plastered on the screen with no warning like that.
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byrdenise9 November 2018
What is wrong with NISCHELLE TURNER? She laughs at everything when things are not even funny. Her laugh seems to be phony. She appears to laugh no matter what. There is nothing wrong with laughing, but she laughs when whatever the topic isn't even funny. She comes across as not real. All the other correspondent's don't laugh at serious. She laughs at everything. It's sickening and seems fake. I don't like watching when she is on.
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OMG This is Still On?
DKosty12322 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When this program first started, in 1981, it was a hip look at celebrities. Then Mary Hart came on board and the programs content went downhill with her. I was hoping that when she retired the show would regain the edge it originally had. It has not, and in fact has gotten even worse if that is possible.

Most of the report is worship ping the rich and famous but without Robin Leach (who is dead anyhow). This show died when it went to the format it is in now and why it stays on amazes me.

The content of the show is so terrible that I can't stand more than 5 minutes of it at any one time. Sometimes it just takes the teaser to hit me like a tabor. The only redeeming quality of the show is if you want to look at pictures of the most annoying famous people. If you want facts or information, you will get more of it on FOX NEWS, CNN or MSNBC than you will here. They are worse than the worst news channels.

Then of course, they might be on a par with CBS News though the standards at CBS are so low now journalistic-ally that they spend 20 minutes a night reporting public opinion items which is basically like watching Bill O'Reilly only with spin.

As for ET, cancel this show and phone home. This show has outlived it's time like Reece's Pieces.
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Leave Dannielynn Smith alone
rlfa13 September 2007
ET's obsession with Dannielynn Smith is despicable. Leave the child alone. With all the constant attention she'll most likely grow up psychotic, depressed or worse. Think of Princess Diana and how she longed for privacy. Now poor little rich girl Ashley Olson just wants to be left alone. No wonder Greta Garbo became a recluse and said "I want to be alone". How much does ET make off this little girl? Does ET not have anything better to report on? I bet there's lots of people who really don't care what color her birthday cake and balloons were. By the way, I never heard that Anna Nichole ever won any of those court cases over the will and her inheritance. Who is paying for the lifestyle of Larry, Howard and little Dannielynn? Could it be ET?
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ET needs some new stories!
garyrothermel28 October 2011
Entertainment Tonight runs the same 3 or 4 stories every day. We've had a full week of the lady in the fat suit and also Dog the Bounty Hunters grandson! Is there really nothing else going on out there in celebrity land? Really? Either get some new stories on every day or just go to one show per week because you could put everything on one 30 min. show that you guys manage to stretch into one long boring week of shows. Get out there and hustle some real news! You've got great anchors and reporters so lets see some news worthy stories, not the same stories stretched out over a one week period. You guys absolutely beat something to death. New ideas would be the Royal Families, of any country, other stars that don't seem to get as much air time.
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Good show!
Movie Nuttball22 August 2005
I think that this is a great show for all kinds of Entertaining information including the current movie news stories, interviews with actors and actresses, gossip about new things between Hollywood couples and more. They have celebrity guests and the people that are in the news as guests so they can tell their stories on the show. During the week the show is hosted by Mary Hart, Mark Steins, Jan Carl, Vanessa Minnillo, Steven Cojocaru, Leornard Maltin, Carlos Ponce, Paula Abdul, and Kevin Frazier! All of these hosts in My opinion are very talented. What I like about the show is that the hosts go into many details in the news and such. So if you are watching television during the week and want to watch the Hollywood and celebrity news in detail then I suggest that you watch Entertainment Tonight today!
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Sick of Levi Johnston
baxterbeansch5 November 2009
I, and everyone I know, are sick of hearing about Levi Johnston. He is no big deal. He isn't that cute...the only reason any girls look at him is because of all the attention he is getting. Is Entertainment Tonight that desperate for story lines? Levi is just a dumb kid, a liar, and is trying to do anything to get attention. You can tell he is starving for the cameras to show him. When you hear him talk he sounds so unintelligent. We all change the channel when he comes on. We can't stand him. He is only using Sarah Palin to get attention. He is using his son to get attention. He has no credibility, he has no story to tell, and he is no Hugh Jackman so he needs to keep his clothes on!Please, get him off the air before we all throw up! I'd rather see John Gosselin anytime, than Levi the goof-ball!
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Nischelle "LOL" Turner, BAHAHAHAHA
ldmail-511-93413124 September 2019
Love everyone of you ...but Nischelle??? Please curb your enthusiasm! You laugh when nothing is funny, you even laugh when you're talking... laugh-talking? talk-laughing? Calm down girl 🤦‍♀️
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Utter garbage
sawj-6871723 October 2016
Kardashian herself said that there's no privacy, then Entertainment tonight goes about posting private family pictures with Kardashians and her birthday and whatnot.

And then you have cringy invasive stories on how brad pit missed the deadline on Angelina jolies divorce papers.

What is this absolute garbage, whoever watches this show is a shallow superficial materialistic, and possibly extremely stupid to enjoy it.

its utter garbage and should be removed from MBC2. No one cares how comfortable it was for brad pit when he took a poop in his toilet, last night at 2:34 a.m. in the morning.
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First Entertainment Show and Probably the Best!!!
Sylviastel10 September 2007
Okay, Entertainment Tonight may have lost it's way with the whole Anna Nicole Smith baby, Dannielynn Birkhead, and about her life. But for most part, Entertainment tonight was a classic must-see television experience for those of us who study entertainment and those of us who wanted to be part of the business. Sadly, it's not for everybody because I never got to Hollywood or New York City for that matter to work as an actress. I'm a terrible actress but that's okay. Entertainment Tonight has been a Hollywood mainstay but I think over the years that the show has deteriorated because the audiences prefer listening and watching celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. The celebrity class has definitely gone downhill since the millennium. I don't blame Entertainment Tonight because they did provide rare interviews and stories with those golden age of celebrities. For years, I watched it as a source of information and entertainment. I loved watching the show's relationship with the old celebrities of the past and present. Today's celebrities don't have the same class as their predecessors and it's a tragedy because the show did pay attention to everybody from soaps, radio, television, music and film. You know you've made it in Hollywood when they announce your birthday on entertainment tonight.
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Ready for all of the latest entertainment news and gossip.
Brian-27214 February 2001
Hard to believe that it's been two decades (1981) since "Entertainment Tonight" made it's TV debut the entertainment news program has become one of the most popular in TV syndication history. From the first time you watch it you become hooked for many years. If you are an entertainment buff like me then you will enjoy this daily program when you have the opportunity to view the making of movies and TV-series way before they are released to the public. "ET" is also great to provide the latest information on any Hollywood star including both personal and private matters. I know the reporters have come and gone over the years and my favorites are the following and I have added my comments about them. 1. Bob Goen has been the best host ever always with a professional smile he takes the news so serious also. 2. The beautiful Julie Moran would always brighten the day of any viewer with that luscious smile and stylish colored clothing that we all saw her wear. Finally my favorite two "Entertainment Tonight" reporters are the best of all-time. 3. Leeza Gibbons got her start on "ET" only to pave her way to success with her own TV talk show "Leeza" and she has made several guest appearances on several TV-series, Leeza is one of the hardest working women in entertainment her great work ethic always showed during her "Entertainment Tonight" days. 4. And last but not least my favorite "Entertainment Tonight" reporter and all-time best TV hostess the very beautiful and elegant Mary Hart. Mary does her entertainment reporting in such a nice way always with a beautiful and concerned smile that is why she is considered in my opinion to be a TV reporting legend she's been a "ET" mainstay from the beginning and her beauty continues to ripen very mature with age making her all the more beautiful. Even from time to time you find an appearance from the best film critic Leonard Maltin. So "ET" is definitely the one to watch they have you covered top to bottom in the happenings of the entertainment world.
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I like the stories
Petra_Huber1 August 2019
I like the stories, I like the guests and I like the moderators. Keep it up.
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jballen6 May 2001
20 years later, Entertainment Tonight remains THE #1 source for entertainment news and features--even if we have major competition with "E! News Daily" (which I also like) and "Access Hollywood"! And it has joined the ranks of "Wheel of Fortune", "Jeopardy!", and now "Judge Judy" to become one of the most popular and successful syndicated shows ever, seen around the world in countless countries.

I've been a longtime viewer of ET since the mid-'80s and every year, the show has been getting better and better with their "Cover Stories", one-on-one celebrity interviews from Julie Moran and Jann Carl, the "ET Insider", and of course, their wall-to-wall coverage of the Emmys, Golden Globes, Grammys, and Oscars. And Mary Hart may be reaching her 50's, but she is still a stunner.

You may call it "tabloidy", you may call it "too gossipy", but "Entertainment Tonight" is still the best entertainment news and information show there is, was, and ever will be!
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THE entertainment news programme for those who want it, fast!
dy15829 May 2006
The opening jingle for Entertainment Tonight is already enough for me to look forward each episodes of it on weeknights here in my country. Ever since I first watched it by chance, I knew I so look forward to it since.

For someone like me who most of the time do not really have all the time in the world to read those entertainment news in detail, this entertainment news programme really helps a lot in bringing in the big entertainment news, star gossips, upcoming movies or TV shows and everything else in between together in a 30-minute format. I can say ET (I had so accustomed to call it that way) is actually ahead of other entertainment shows at times, I dare say.

I'm already so used to watch the regulars like Mary Hart, Mark Steines, Jann Carl and many more on my TV screen each weeknight. They all know how to do their job by bringing in the latest entertainment news in a professional manner for their audience. Given ET is being syndicated in many countries around the world as well and here in my country too, the show has a reputation to live up to.

Often the major events like the Oscars, Grammys, the Golden Globes and even the Cannes Film Festival and also the popular American Idol, ET always know how to present it well.

Too busy with your daily life? Then Entertainment Tonight is the show who want their entertainment fix - fast!
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Good entertainment news show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh10 July 2007
"ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT," in my opinion, is a good entertainment news show. I enjoy seeing Mary Hart as the main anchor. There are many reasons why I said that. Even though Mark Steines is an okay co-anchor, I sometimes wish that John Tesh hadn't left. If you ask me, it seems that nobody stays with a TV show throughout its entire run anymore. Still, I enjoy hearing about what's happening in the entertainment world. The only thing I don't like hearing about is when a couple has broken up or gotten a divorce. Now, in conclusion, I highly recommend this show to all you die-hard entertainment world fans. You will really enjoy it.
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stevonmfl7 March 2014
What is happening in Hollywierd? Every other show stars British actors…WHY? Is this still America or do we need another Revolutionary War to win our freedom from Brits? And why don't you have more real Americans including beautiful people of color and culture? It seems Hollywood and their sponsors are trying to whitewash American thoughts, beliefs and mores to become all-white beginning and ending with media brainwashing of children. I am disgusted at what I see as racism, discrimination and exclusiveness and exclusion of entire groups masquerading as entertainment. The media sends out bullets and bombs that explode on the inside of a child's psyche and attacking people of color's self perception and perception of his and her place in the world. What media and Entertainment Tonight are doing is nothing less than Nazi style racism.
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Whats the world coming to?
elly-redhot6 January 2014
I am so sorry to have to say this as I did watch your show for some time mainly because nothing else was on at the time. All I hear now is about sex and are you having sex or jokes about sex! What is it all about? this is disrespectful to the public and our children. Its shows poor taste and yes I too believe that your show should be taken off the air. It has no values. Its a disgrace to the name in broadcasting. Please have the writers and producers of this show to refrain from reporting disrespectful content and wording. It is not a good thing for young adults to see and I for one do not wish to view this kind or reporting as it is very disturbing and causes much anxiety. Once again, I appeal to your sense of justice and morals to either rewrite the material and not show disturbing pictures that do not pertain to the Hollywood scene or simply take the show off the air. This is my opinion. Thank you for your time. A Midwest former viewer
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