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  • When the knights first meet Tim the Enchanter (played by John Cleese), Sir Lancelot disappears and does not appear in any of the shots in which Tim also appears (because Sir Lancelot is also played by John Cleese. To replace him, an extra was dressed in Lancelot's armor and wore Lancelot's helmet, he's the one just over Arthur's left shoulder when they first peer at the cave). However when the knights charge at the rabbit it becomes necessary for John Cleese to play Sir Lancelot again so therefore Tim could not be in the shot (it can be assumed he walked off in between shots).

    Story-wise, it's possible Tim stopped accompanying the Knights when it became clear they were going to foolishly charge the rabbit against his warnings. Edit

  • It depends upon whether the bird is an African Swallow or an European Swallow. Edit

  • The extended version features one scene in which Dingo is asking whether this specific scene should be cut or not. This scenes was missing in the theatrical version but can be found in any regular DVD release. Edit

  • He's actually referring to them as "Knights." However, either his grasp of English isn't very good or he's deliberately mocking English spelling and pronunciation. As a result, he says the word phonetically, pronouncing both the K and the G (which are silent). In medieval English, in fact, the "K" and "GH" were pronounced (that's why the word is spelled that way), so that "Knight" sounded a bit like "k'nnect." The joke might have occurred to Terry Jones or another Python who had encountered medieval literature. Edit



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