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5 Oct. 1969
Whither Canada?
'It's Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart', Famous Deaths, Italian Lesson, Whizzo Butter, 'It's the Arts', Arthur "Two-Sheds" Jackson, Cycling Race, and The Funniest Joke in the World.
12 Oct. 1969
Sex and Violence
Flying Sheep, French Lecture on Sheep-Aircraft, A Man With Three Buttocks, A Man With Two Noses, Musical Mice, Marriage Guidance Counselor, The Wacky Queen, Working-Class Playwright, A Scotsman on a Horse, The Wrestling Epilogue, and The Mouse Problem.
19 Oct. 1969
How to Recognise Different Types of Trees from Quite a Long Way Away
Court Scene, The Larch, Bicycle Repair Man, Children's Stories, Restaurant Sketch, Seduced Milkmen, Stolen News Reader, Children's Interview, and Nudge Nudge.
26 Oct. 1969
Owl-Stretching Time
A change from street clothes to swim trunks turns into a burlesque act; a karate class exercises defense tactics against fresh fruit; a man tries to buy a book about false teeth.
16 Nov. 1969
Man's Crisis of Identity in the Latter Half of the 20th Century
Confuse-a-Cat, The Smuggler, A Duck, a Cat and a Lizard (Discussion), Vox Pops on Smuggling, Police Raid, Letters on Vox Pops, Newsreader Arrested, Erotic Film, Cartoon - Charles Fatless, Silly Job Interview, Careers Advisory Board, Burglar/Encyclopaedia Salesman
23 Nov. 1969
The BBC Entry for the Zinc Stoat of Budapest/It's the Arts
Sketches include: a German composer with an extraordinarily long name; crooks plan an elaborate scheme to buy a watch; a chocolate-company owner markets "Crunchy Frog."
30 Nov. 1969
You're No Fun Anymore
Invaders from another galaxy turn Englishmen into Scotsmen. Also: a comedy about camels; a corporate board meeting.
7 Dec. 1969
Full Frontal Nudity
A pet-shop customer returns his dead parrot; a gang of female senior citizens attacks a town's young men; a young army officer who joined the service to water-ski tries to resign.
14 Dec. 1969
The Ant, an Introduction
A man with double vision organizes a mountain-climbing expedition; llamas are celebrated in a rousing Spanish song; a barber is afraid to cut hair; a couple's romantic evening is ruined by uncouth visitors.
21 Dec. 1969
Sketches include: Bank Robber in Lingerie Shop, It's a Tree, Ron Obvious, Pet Conversations, Gorilla Librarian, Strangers in the Night
28 Dec. 1969
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Goes to the Bathroom
A half-inch-tall man appears on a talk show; a town's women's guild reenacts Pearl Harbor; the entire Royal Philharmonic Orchestra retires to the restroom.
4 Jan. 1970
The Naked Ant
The 127th annual Twit of the Year Show. Also: Hitler and Himmler are guests for tea in a boarding house; a BBC broadcast is interrupted when a British minister falls into a fissure.
11 Jan. 1970
Among "historical" impersonations are Cardinal Richelieu as Petula Clark and Julius Caesar as Eddie Waring. Also: a police fairy tale; a vegetarian restaurant's menu, featuring a naked man with an apple in his mouth.

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