WB Wants To Do An All-Star Superman Movie With Jon Hamm

Grant Morrison has been unfairly overlooked when it comes to live-action adaptations. In an era where pretty much every major comic book writer has had a lavishly budgeted big screen realization of their work, he’s been left behind. That’s particularly frustrating given that for almost three decades he was putting out some of the most exciting and interesting superhero comics around.

Where’s my Final Crisis adaptation, or Batman Rip, or Animal Man? Admittedly, the excellent Doom Patrol on DC Universe went a long way towards scratching that itch, but now it seems that Warner Bros. are considering adapting one of his greatest stories: All-Star Superman, with Jon Hamm donning the cape.

Written by Morrison and with art by Frank Quitely, the miniseries follows a Superman who’s received a lethal overdose of solar radiation, resulting in his cells beginning to overload. That sounds pretty doom and gloom,
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