New Dragon Gate Inn (1992) by Raymond Lee

This is an all-star cast remake of King Hu’s 1967 classic “Dragon Inn”. The story is basically the same, but with a macabre, dark twist and a love triangle thrown in.

Tsao Siu-yan is a powerful eunuch, the ruthless leader of the East Chamber, a security agency of the Ming Dynasty Emperor. The movie kicks off with him overseeing the butchering of some officers by his army. Yang is one of them being executed, meanwhile his two children are exiled and escorted to the desert border. This is actually Tsoa’s cunning plot to lure out Yang’s trusted general Chow Wai-on. However, it is Yau Mo-yan, a rebel swordswoman who rescues the children and guarding them across the desert to safety. Consequently, they take refuge in Dragon Gate Inn while waiting for Chow to join them. However, Tsao and his army are not far behind and
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