The Awakened Come Alive in this First Trailer!

The Awakened a High Voltage production was given a brief intro' on this site in early February with post-production at that time ongoing. The latest details on the film include a new trailer, a new homepage, and a change in status as the film is currently seeking distribution.

The Awakened involves encounters between some local urban folk and creatures from another world. Mysteriously, these creatures are buried in the soil of a small farm. Things explode when these darkly featured monsters are disturbed after a 200 year slumber. These awakened animals of the night are not just cranky, but bloodthirsty! Guess who receives their wrath?

Farmers and their kin will be running for the hills as the local sheriff (Richard Gross) hopes to intervene. Some possible help for the locals might come from a covert government agent (Robert Picardo), or will he just complicate things further? Viewers will have to follow
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