The best of Swedish animation

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1. Beyond Beyond (2014)

PG | 78 min | Animation, Adventure

While his father is away gathering provisions for their ship, young, sea-faring hare Johan the rabbit receives a call about his long lost mother, so he decides to go on an adventure.

Director: Esben Toft Jacobsen | Stars: Gustaf Hammarsten, Lennart Jähkel, Sissela Kyle, Leif Andrée

Votes: 656

2. Gordon & Paddy (2017)

62 min | Animation, Fantasy

A 2D animated film about a young mouse who becomes Police Superintendent, adapted from the book by Ulf Nilsson and Gitte Spee.

Director: Linda Hambäck | Stars: Stellan Skarsgård, Melinda Kinnaman, Felix Herngren, Mingus Broman

Votes: 95

3. Bamse and the Witch's Daughter (2016)

65 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

When a greedy businessman discovers that there is gold underneath a dam, he decides to demolish the dam and claim the gold for himself, and tricks a witch's young daughter to help him in order to keep Bamse from stopping him.

Directors: Christian Ryltenius, Maria Blom | Stars: Dennis Storhøi, Jonas Karlsson, Peter Haber, Leif Andrée

Votes: 217

4. Peter-No-Tail in America (1985)

78 min | Animation, Family

Pelle is a cat who was born without a proper tail. He compensates this by studying hard and, much to the dismay of his archrival Måns, receives a fancy degree very few cats in Sweden have ... See full summary »

Directors: Jan Gissberg, Stig Lasseby | Stars: Erik Lindgren, Ernst-Hugo Järegård, Ewa Fröling, Björn Gustafson

Votes: 402

5. Peter-No-Tail (1981)

81 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

Pelle is a cat who was born without a proper tail. He is taken care of by a family living in Uppsala. Without a tail, he becomes the talk of the town among the other cats, and especially ... See full summary »

Directors: Jan Gissberg, Stig Lasseby | Stars: Mats Åhlfeldt, Ewa Fröling, Ernst-Hugo Järegård, Carl Billquist

Votes: 742

6. Charlie Strapp and Froggy Ball Flying High (1991)

83 min | Family, Adventure, Animation

Bewildering adventures when Kalle Stropp and Grodan Boll sets out to rescue Kottefolket who live in the forest. Together with Plåt-Niklas and Papegojan they set out in search of bad guys ..

Director: Jan Gissberg | Stars: Thomas Funck, Stig Grybe, Thorsten Flinck, Peter Dalle

Votes: 355

7. Bamse and the Thief City (2014)

66 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

The world's strongest (and kindest) bear has to save his kidnapped grandmother when the town's former thieves band together to steal everything they can, led by the dastardly fox Reinard.

Director: Christian Ryltenius | Stars: Peter Haber, Morgan Alling, Steve Kratz, Magnus Härenstam

Votes: 484

8. Pettson & Findus IV - Forget-Abilities (2009)

70 min | Animation, Family

A trip to the lake inspires Pettersson to invent a machine that does not work as expected. Findus asks a shooting star for a wish, and that again does not turn out to be the best idea.

Directors: Jørgen Lerdam, Anders Sørensen | Stars: Per Pallesen, Tord Peterson, Lukas Emanuel Kraft, Lukas Karlsson

Votes: 168

9. Pettson & Findus - Tomtemaskinen (2005)

79 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

The old man PETTSON and his cat FINDUS live on a small farm way out in the countryside in Sweden. Christmas is approaching, and Pettson has given Findus the rash promise that THE TOMTE will... See full summary »

Directors: Jørgen Lerdam, Anders Sørensen | Stars: Joachim Höppner, Tord Peterson, Lukas Larsson, Tobias John von Freyend

Votes: 275

10. Pettson och Findus - Kattonauten (2000)

80 min | Animation, Family

The cat Findus decides he wants to write a letter to the King, because Pettson says that kittens don't wash or pay rent. While Findus waits for a response, he and the old man decide to go on a trip.

Directors: Torbjörn Jansson, Albert Hanan Kaminski, Árpád Szabó | Stars: Tord Peterson, Kalle Lundberg, Mona Seilitz, Gunnar Uddén

Votes: 293

11. Pettson & Findus - Katten och gubbens år (1999)

75 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

Pettson and Findus remember their adventures while waiting for the storm to pass.

Director: Albert Hanan Kaminski | Stars: Nis Bank-Mikkelsen, Terese Damsholt, Bente Eskesen, Laura Jonasdottir

Votes: 413

12. Laban the Little Ghost (2006)

45 min | Animation, Family

The adventures of the little and sensitive ghost Laban and his hyperactive sister Labollina.

Directors: Alicja Jaworski, Karin Nilsson, Lasse Persson, Per Åhlin | Star: Maria Lundqvist

Votes: 61

13. Mamma Mu & Kråkan (2009– )

100 min | Animation

Mamma Moo wants to learn everything. How to climb a tree, ride a bicycle, play on a swing, or build a tree house. Mamma Moo's best friend is Crow. Crow thinks it's very strange that Mamma Moo doesn't realize that she's a cow.

Stars: Rachel Mohlin, Johan Ulveson, Figge Norling

Votes: 26

14. Mamma Mu och Kråkan (2008)

78 min | Animation, Family

Mamma Moo is a typical cow, besides that she wants to do so many uncowly things. Her idea of fun is biking and dancing, and when she meets Crow her happiness is complete - the fun is so ... See full summary »

Director: Igor Veichtaguin | Stars: Rachel Mohlin, Johan Ulveson

Votes: 112

15. Hundhotellet (2000)

68 min | Animation, Comedy, Crime

On their way to find Paris, Sture the dog (Hasse Alfredsson) and his friend Picasso end up on a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Along with Miss Mops, Sture tries to sniff out who is causing all the strange events of the hotel.

Director: Per Åhlin | Stars: Hans Alfredson, Margreth Weivers, Jan Mybrand, Tomas von Brömssen

Votes: 452

16. The Journey to Melonia (1989)

104 min | Animation, Family, Adventure

When a ship sinks during a storm, a slave from the industrial island of Plutonia is washed up on the beaches of paradise island Melonia, where the "all-powerful" wizard Prospero and his strange friends reside.

Director: Per Åhlin | Stars: Allan Edwall, Robyn Carlsson, Olle Sarri, Tomas von Brömssen

Votes: 1,195

17. Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton (1975 TV Movie)

23 min | Animation, Family

Pimple-faced youth becomes a modern day Robin Hood on Christmas Eve.

Director: Per Åhlin | Stars: Tage Danielsson, Per Andrén, Marianne Stjernqvist, Toivo Pawlo

Votes: 2,013

18. Charlie Strap and Froggy Ball (1987)

34 min | Animation, Short

When Grodan Boll, Kalle Stropp and Plåtniklas's friend Hönan is kidnapped by two magicians they must venture into town to save her.

Director: Jan Gissberg | Star: Thomas Funck

Votes: 74

19. Still Born (2014)

10 min | Documentary, Animation, Short

Still Born is an animated documentary about loss, sorrow and powerlessness. About giving birth, but loosing that little person you longed for.

Director: Åsa Sandzén | Star: Katharina Nuttall

Votes: 31

20. Agaton Sax and the Bykoebing Village Festival (1976)

77 min | Animation, Comedy, Family

Two villains escape from jail in London. They are planning an attack on Agaton Sax. Inspector Lispington and Sax are chasing the two bad guys, but the hunt is hampered by the villains have lookalikes.

Director: Stig Lasseby | Stars: Olof Thunberg, Stig Grybe, Isa Quensel, Helge Hagerman

Votes: 99

22. Amalimbo (2016)

15 min | Animation, Short, Drama

Amalimbo is the story of TIPUANA, a five year-old girl who experiences "the limbo" when she tries to pass to 'the other side' in her desperate urge to mourn the recent death of her beloved ... See full summary »

Director: Juan Pablo Libossart | Stars: Örjan Byström, Sven-Åke Gustavsson, Fredrik Helgesson, Annalena Persson

Votes: 17

23. Dreams from the Woods (2009)

8 min | Animation, Short, Drama

A shadow puppet play about love and sorrow featuring the Girl, the Bird and Death.

Director: Johannes Nyholm | Stars: Erik Bodin, Anders Holmer, Andreas Korsár, Niki Lindroth von Bahr

Votes: 58

24. Laban the Little Ghost: Spooky Time (2007)

43 min | Animation, Short, Family

Six episodes about the little ghost called Laban, who's afraid of the dark.

Directors: Alicja Jaworski, Karin Nilsson, Lasse Persson, Per Åhlin | Star: Maria Lundqvist

Votes: 31

25. Lea & skogspiraterna (2015)

29 min | Animation, Short, Adventure

Lea, 7 years, lives with her mom and little brother Jonas, 8 months, in a house on the edge of the forest. One day when Lea is babysitting Jonas and they are playing in the garden, Jonas ... See full summary »

Director: Maria Avramova | Stars: Knut Agnred, Johannes Brost, Christer Hägglund, Sissela Kyle

26. Seven Days in the Woods (2010)

6 min | Animation, Short, Adventure

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Director: Peter Larsson

Votes: 12

27. Revolver (1994)

8 min | Animation, Short

A short film about time.

Directors: Stig Bergqvist, Martti Ekstrand, Jonas Odell, Lars Ohlson

Votes: 108

28. Moonwolves (2016)

12 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

A lot of strange, wonderful creatures can be found in a forest, and in this particular forest there is an unusually special sort. These creatures do not remember when they discovered that ... See full summary »

Directors: Nima Yousefi, Oskar Gullstrand, Jonas Lindman

29. In the Shadow of the Tree (2015)

5 min | Animation, Short, Drama | Completed

An old man lives in a cabin in the shadow of a big tree. He can't sleep at night due to the loud creaking sound of the branches. Memories of his past torment him and when a branch starts ... See full summary »

Director: Daniel Permbo

Votes: 11

30. The Robot Butler (2017)

7 min | Animation, Short, Fantasy

It is told that long ago; in a world that you have not seen, A story about a little Girl, a Scientist and a Machine.

Director: Jens Broström | Star: Daisy Kosmider

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