Technically Speaking, Who Won Comic-Con?

Using our trending data, let's take a look at who you, the IMDb audience, were keeping up with the most during Comic-Con 2017.

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Comic-Con: The Biggest Reveals From Hall H

Get up to speed on the panels for "Stranger Things" and the Marvel Presentation.

Comic-Con Cosplay: Who Wore It Best?

Many creative cosplayers we encountered at Comic-Con had us cheering. Check out some of our favorite cosplayers, who in some cases looked every bit as good as their inspirations.

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Comic-Con 2017: Cute, Creepy, and Crazy Cosplayers

We love getting the scoop on our favorite movies and TV shows, but the cosplayers of San Diego Comic-Con are our favorite part of the event. Check out some of our favorites.

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"Game of Thrones" Cast Wants to Know Who'll Sit on the Iron Throne Just as Much as You Do

Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos Seaworth) tells Kevin Smith that he and his castmates frequently ask one another who will claim the Iron Throne on HBO's "Game of Thrones," from IMDb LIVE at San Diego Comic-Con, Presented by XFINITY.

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Comic-Con: The Biggest Reveals From Hall H

Get up to speed on the panels for "The Walking Dead," "Game of Thrones," and "The Defenders."

Comic-Con 2017: Parties

Check out photos from some of the hottest parties at Comic-Con.

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Comic-Con 2017: Panels

From Hall H to Ballroom 20, check out some of our favorite photos from the numerous Comic-Con panels.

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Comic-Con 2017: On the Scene

Not all the action takes place in the convention center. Check out photos from the variety of exhibits, lounges, and activities at San Diego Comic-Con.

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Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Movie Trivia Mayhem Panel

IMDb and comiXology presented a comic book movie trivia panel, hosted by Kevin Smith, with judges Col Needham, the founder and CEO of IMDb, and David Steinberger, comiXology CEO.

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"Teen Wolf" Goodbyes and News on 'Shazam!'

Kevin Smith talks with the cast of "Teen Wolf" about their final season and gets the scoop from David F. Sandberg about his next directing gig with the DC Extended Universe.

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From Page to Screen: Marvel and DC Comics

Check out our full collection of characters from both the Marvel Universe and DC Comics who made it to the big and small screens.

Stan Lee Receives IMDb STARmeter Lifetime Achievement Award

IMDb founder and CEO Col Needham and Kevin Smith present Stan Lee the first-ever IMDb STARmeter Award for Lifetime Achievement.

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How High Is Your Fan IQ?

Put your Comic-Con credentials to the test with our quizzes about the top genre franchises and stars.

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Director Luc Besson's Strong Female Characters

Brandon Hardesty of "No Small Parts" fame takes a look at some of the best female characters in Luc Besson's films that broke new ground and shattered the conventions of Hollywood.

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Comic-Con in Focus: Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot has topped the charts both StarMeter and the box office with the success of Wonder Woman. We can't wait to find out next for this unstoppable goddess at Comic-Con.

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Best Cosplayers of Comic-Con

We've looked back over the years and selected the best cosplayers from Comic-Con.

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