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Game Night Movie Review | Let’s Play

Well, I have to tell you that unless you are some kind of a die-hard snob, you will probably find Game Night (2018) far more entertaining than the average board game. Moreover, it is the perfect alternative if you want to persuade your friends to do something different on Saturday night. And if you happen to be a game buff, then this smart crime-thriller-comedy-mystery mash-up is right for you.

In a recent Q&A session on Reddit, the directors of Game Night (who by the way are huge fans of the board games) admitted that they make movies based on their own taste. In other words, they create films that they would love to watch themselves. They like to make the most fun out of this whole filmmaking thing. This is just one of the reasons Game Night turned out to be a huge success in the box-office.

John Francis Daley
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‘Bob Weinstein on the line. He says he’s from Buffalo.’ A First-Person Perspective on the Early Years of Miramax Films

The Weinstein Company assets will be purchased by the Ron Burkle-backed Maria Contreras-Sweet, and all things Weinstein will be removed from whatever remains. After a nearly four-decade run, the legacy of the most successful specialized distributor in history comes down to the last five tumultuous months that mark an inglorious (if not inglourious) end.

The Weinsteins made its first big Oscar splash in 1990 with “My Left Foot,” but they’d already been around for some time. Long before I covered box office for IndieWire, I spent 30 years as a film buyer, booking for theaters — and was a first-hand witness to Harvey and Bob Weinstein’s rise. Here’s my perspective on how they grew from a small outlier to an indie powerhouse.

“Bob Weinstein on the line. He says he’s from Buffalo.”

Back in 1981, phone calls were announced by a receptionist. As a young film buyer for M&R Theaters,
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Rachel McAdams talks her eclectic career, being Canadian, and Game Night

  • Cineplex
Rachel McAdams talks her eclectic career, being Canadian, and Game NightRachel McAdams talks her eclectic career, being Canadian, and Game NightMarni Weisz - Editor, Cineplex Magazine2/21/2018 10:33:00 Am

Rachel McAdams is sitting in the parking lot of Martins Millwork, a purveyor of fine home building materials, in rural Georgia where she’s visiting some friends just before Christmas.

“I was coming back from Target. I was just getting suction cups for our Christmas wreaths and I’m now pulled over in the middle of, I don’t really know where,” she says with a laugh, apologizing for being 10 minutes late for our call. Halfway through our interview she has to placate a curious Martins employee who wants her to move on. She gives him a little wave and tells him sorry, that she’ll be gone soon. So Canadian.

Since her breakout role in 2004’s Mean Girls the native of St.
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Scott Eastwood Joins Thriller 'Manuscript,' Nick Cassavetes to Direct (Exclusive)

Scott Eastwood Joins Thriller 'Manuscript,' Nick Cassavetes to Direct (Exclusive)
Scott Eastwood (The Fate of the Furious, The Longest Ride) has joined Morgan Freeman in The Manuscript.

Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook, The Other Woman) has also been lined up to direct the cat-and-mouse style thriller, replacing John Moore who was announced last year and working from a script by Louis Rosenberg and Joe Rosenbaum.

Also joining the production is Rob Paris via his eponymous Paris Film Inc. banner, which will produce alongside Mike Witherill (John Wick) and Mark Williams (The Accountant). Highland Film Group is handling international sales and will continue speaking to buyers at Berlin's European Film Market (Efm).

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How Billy Wilder made the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre fun … and romantic

Google “Valentine’s Day movies” and you’ll find all sorts of links to stories about romantic movies to watch on Valentine’s Day with your significant other.

I don’t have to actually go to any of those links to know what I’ll find there: “When Harry Met Sally,” “Titanic,” “Pretty Woman,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” “The Notebook” and some versions of “Romeo & Juliet” and “An Affair to Remember.” (Okay, I did go to one link and found the subversive suggestion of “Harold and Maude.” I liked that.)

If you were to confine your search to romantic movies that won the Oscar, you’d be surprised how few there are. In nine decades, voters found less than 10 swooners to honor as the year’s best picture. And that counts love stories that do not end well for the lovers, including “Casablanca,” “West Side Story,” “Titanic” and “Out of Africa.
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Is The J.J. Abrams Produced Film Kolma with Daisy Ridley Actually Cloverfield 5

J.J. Abrams sure does love playing in the world of Cloverfield. He also seems to enjoy surprising us with the Cloverfield film announcements. 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Cloverfield Paradox, and the upcoming Overlord, were all developed as secret Cloverfield projects. Now, another J.J. Abrams-produced film project called Kolma might end up being a fifth Cloverfield film! That film stars Daisy Ridley. It makes me wonder if Star Wars: Episode IX will actually end up being Cloverfield 6!

Kolma is a remake of a 2003 Israeli TV movie. It was described as “a cross between a loftier, more mystical version of The Notebook and Albert Brooks‘ 1991 fantasy romance Defending Your Life, the project follows a young couple who get in a car accident that leaves the man dead. 50 years later, the old woman is about to cross over and make the choice whether to reunite with her long-lost love in the hereafter
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‘Disobedience’ Trailer: Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz Share a Forbidden Love

‘Disobedience’ Trailer: Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz Share a Forbidden Love
Rachel McAdams once put aside her love for Ryan Gosling in the sappy romance The Notebook for fear of upsetting her parents. Rachel Weisz also once partook in a secret relationship with Colin Farrell in The Lobster. Now, the two actresses face another forbidden love, but this time the relationship is condemned by the religion they […]

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Exclusive Interview – Costume Designer Karyn Wagner Talks About Her Career and Intense Experience Working on Waco

Red Stewart chats with costume designer Karyn Wagner about her career and her work on the new series Waco

Karyn Wagner is a costume designer who has been working in the entertainment industry since the 1980s. She is an accomplished artist in the wardrobe department, and has been responsible for creating beautiful apparel present in acclaimed movies and TV shows like The Green Mile and Preacher. Her most recent work is on the Paramount Network miniseries Waco, which is currently on air.

We at Flickering Myth had the opportunity to speak with her about her career, and I in turn had the privilege to conduct the interview. Check it out below.

Ms. Wagner, it is an honor to meet you. Thank you for your time, I know how busy you must be.

Thank you! I was looking at your website, Flickering Myth. It’s really great. I love your coverage.
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6 Men (Including Ryan Gosling) Who Have Romanced Rachel McAdams

  • Popsugar
6 Men (Including Ryan Gosling) Who Have Romanced Rachel McAdams
As if we're not jealous enough of Rachel McAdams's impressive career, the Oscar-nominated actress has some enviable romances under her belt as well. While her foray into Hollywood relationships began with Ryan Gosling, her costar in The Notebook, he's not the only A-lister she's dated. (Though seeing pictures of those two together still makes our hearts flutter.) Take a look at all the men lucky enough to have been in McAdams's life!
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Nick Cassavetes' Baby Mama Says Nick Needs to 'Get a Grip'

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_2pqeln90"]] Nick Cassavetes' baby mama Heather Wahlquist says she wants 100% custody of their 13-year-old daughter until Nick cleans up his act. Heather appeared on "TMZ Live" Wednesday and chronicled what she says is a custody war that erupted without warning. She says she left Nick in 2012 and everything was square between her and the director of "The Notebook," until this month when Nick went after her for not turning over Barbie for the holidays. TMZ
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Nick Cassavetes Claims Their Daughter Was Outright Stolen by Baby Mama (Update)

  • TMZ
11:11 Am Pt -- Nick has filed legal docs asking the judge to penalize Heather's mother and aunt for allegedly conspiring with Heather to steal his child. He wants more than $10,000 in penalties and wants that amount to grow for each day she wrongfully keeps Barbie away from him. Nick Cassavetes went on the attack against his baby mama because of a custody agreement she signed and then violated ... TMZ has learned. As we reported,
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Director Nick Cassavetes Labelled ‘Evil’ By Ex-Wife’s Mother After Claiming His 13-Year-Old Daughter Is Missing

Nick Cassavetes’ ex-wife’s mother, Linda Massad, has hit out at the director after he claimed her daughter had gone “on the run” with their child in tow. TMZ reported Cassavetes — known for directing such films as “The Notebook” and “My Sister’s Keeper” — had filed a police report, stating he had not seen Barbie […]
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Nick Cassavetes is Evil and Out for Revenge Says Grandmother of His Child

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_xxx41ubm"]] Nick Cassavetes is the embodiment of evil who has waged a campaign of revenge against his ex-wife for leaving him ... this according to the ex-wife's mother. Linda Massad tells TMZ the famed director has scared her family so much they have gone into hiding. She tearfully described the scene at her house where strange people have been showing up ... she's worried someone has put out a hit, but she offered no evidence to support the claim.
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Donald Sutherland in The Leisure Seeker and more of our top Canadian actors

  • Cineplex
Donald Sutherland in The Leisure Seeker and more of our top Canadian actorsDonald Sutherland in The Leisure Seeker and more of our top Canadian actorsZachary Dent12/13/2017 9:29:00 Am

With Donald Sutherland starring in The Leisure Seeker, we have the perfect excuse to countdown our favourite Canadian actors. Sutherland is a Canadian legend who to this day keeps making great films. In The Leisure Seeker, he stars alongside Helen Mirren as a couple who go on an unforgettable journey from Boston to Key West in their old Rv that they call "The Leisure Seeker".

Check out our list of our favourite Canadian actors below!

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is another great Canadian actor who has become a household name around the world. Most would know him fromthe recent hit Deadpool. His role as the fast-talking antihero was well-received by critics and audiences alike. He can also be found starring in romantic comedies such as Definitely,
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Former Warner Bros. Executive Lynn Harris Joins Global Road

Global Road Entertainment has tapped producer and former Warner Bros. studio executive Lynn Harris as president of worldwide production.

She will report to Gre’s Chairman and CEO Rob Friedman, and oversee the day-to-day development and production of the global content studio’s film activity.

“Lynn has seen tremendous success as both a producer and senior level studio executive and having the ability to harness her breadth of experience is a significant win for our growing global content studio,” Friedman said. “As we continue to ramp up and unite our film operations, we will look to Lynn to help populate our slate and identify projects that we can distribute directly and through our partners worldwide.”

Harris left Warner Bros. in 2014 after a decade. During her time there, she developed such titles as “Gravity,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” and “The Notebook,” and formed Weimaraner Republic Pictures with Matti Leshem. The company
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Christopher Cantwell to Direct Aaron Paul’s ‘The Parts You Lose’

Christopher Cantwell to Direct Aaron Paul’s ‘The Parts You Lose’
The H Collective has hired Christopher Cantwell (“Halt and Catch Fire”) to direct the dramatic thriller “The Parts You Lose,” starring Aaron Paul and newcomer Danny Murphy.

The casting of Murphy, who will play the principal character of Wesley, follows a worldwide search for a young boy who is hard of hearing. This project falls under the H Collective’s production deal with Mark Johnson (“Breaking Bad”) who will produce under his Gran Via banner with Tom Williams and Paul. The H Collective will fully finance the feature.

The Parts You Lose,” written by Darren Lemke, follows the unlikely friendship that unfolds between a young deaf boy and a fugitive criminal who takes refuge in an abandoned barn on the family’s rural North Dakota farm. After forming a deep bond with the man, the boy must decide where to place his allegiances when the authorities begin to close in on the fugitive.

Lemke previously
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Harrison Ford Helps Woman After She Crashes Car Off the Highway

Harrison Ford Helps Woman After She Crashes Car Off the Highway
Indiana Jones to the rescue!

Harrison Ford was a real-life hero on Sunday when, while driving down California State Road 126, he witnessed a woman lose control of her vehicle and swerve into an embankment, fire officials in Santa Paula, California, told ABC News.

The 75-year-old actor, along with several other good samaritans, helped the woman get to safety before the paramedics arrived at the scene. 

Watch: Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford Completely Lose It in Hilarious, Boozy 'Blade Runner 2049' Interview

This isn't the first time Ford has offered a helping hand. In September, he was seen directing traffic in New York City after cars got backed up in the Midtown Tunnel.

In July 2000, Ford also rescued Sarah Hurst while piloting his helicopter. Hurst told Et that she was suffering from dehydration and altitude sickness during a hike off the Table Mountain in Teton County, Wyoming (altitude 11,106 ft.) when the action
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The Walking Dead's Regina Looks Completely Different in Her Other Big Role

Image Source: AMC I know what you've been thinking: "Who's this new badass b*tch on The Walking Dead?" Regina is introduced in season eight's first episode, "Mercy." Since then, we've seen her character build up pretty quickly, and it looks like she'll be taking on a big role as this season plays out. But who is the actress, and where have you seen her before? Traci Dinwiddie made her film debut in 1998 in the TV movie Target Earth, in which she played Dep. Madeline Chandler, one of the agents put on the case to find a missing girl. You might better recognize her though from her role as Veronica in The Notebook (2004) and her short stint as Dancer #5 in Black Knight (2001). She's also guest-starred in a few popular TV shows, including One Tree Hill and Dawson's Creek. Despite some of her softer roles, do not be mistaken, Dinwiddie is no stranger to psychological thrillers.
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Happy Birthday, Rachel McAdams! Let's Look Back at Some of Her Most Fetch Movie Lines

Happy Birthday, Rachel McAdams! Let's Look Back at Some of Her Most Fetch Movie Lines
Today marks Rachel McAdams' birthday, and while it may be hard to believe (because didn't she play high schooler Regina George, like, yesterday), she's turning 39! The actress got her start in Hollywood playing smaller roles beginning in 2001 when she was just 23. Her first major role was in 2004's Mean Girls in which she played 17-year-old Regina (despite being 26), and shortly after that, she took on Allie Hamilton in our favorite watch-to-make-us-cry movie, The Notebook. Since then, McAdams has stayed at the top of our favorite actresses list, taking on movies like Wedding Crashers, The Vow and Southpaw. She even dabbled in television, playing Detective Ani Bezzerides in 2015's...
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‘The Notebook’ Director Nick Cassavetes Boards ‘Have You Seen Her?’

‘The Notebook’ Director Nick Cassavetes Boards ‘Have You Seen Her?’
The Notebook” director Nick Cassavetes has signed on to helm the romantic drama “Have You Seen Her?” from Metalwork Pictures and Paris Film Inc., with shooting set for early next year.

Cassavetes will direct from a script he is co-writing with Paul Johansson. Andrew Levitas will produce for Metalwork Pictures, with his Rogue Black label financing. Rob Paris will produce under his Paris Film banner alongside co-writer Johansson.

Producers are keeping the logline for “Have You Seen Her?” under wraps except for saying that it is an international romance in the vein of “The Notebook,” which launched the careers of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in 2004. The story is an original idea that Cassavetes has been developing for more than a decade.

Nick and I have literally been on the verge of writing this for years,” Johansson said. “We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with Rob and Andrew who have put us on a very fast
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